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Pipe Info Table
Games usedBattle for Bikini Bottom

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer

Ratatouille Prototype
Source codexModel.h

The pipeline information table contains additional material information for level objects. The asset consists of an array of entries, each with rendering information for an entire MODL asset or a single mesh within it.


The file starts with an int which defines the amount of entries, then each entry has the following layout, being 0x0C bytes long in BFBB and 0x10 in Movie:

Battle for Bikini Bottom

struct xModelPipeInfo
    unsigned int ModelHashID;
    unsigned int SubObjectBits;
    unsigned int PipeFlags;

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie - Ratatouille Prototype

struct xModelPipeTable
	unsigned int ModelHashID;
	unsigned int SubObjectBits;
	xModelPipe Pipe;

struct xModelPipe
	unsigned int Flags;
	unsigned char Layer;
	unsigned char AlphaDiscard;
	unsigned short PipePad;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 uint32 ModelHashID MODL ID
0x04 uint32 SubObjectBits Specifies which RW atomics in the model to apply this pipe info entry to. Each bit is an on/off state for an atomic, starting with the last atomic as the least significant bit (0x1) and ending with the first atomic as the most significant bit.

For example, if a model has 4 atomics:

  • 0x1 is the on/off state for the 4th atomic
  • 0x2 is the on/off state for the 3rd atomic
  • 0x4 is the on/off state for the 2nd atomic
  • 0x8 is the on/off state for the 1st atomic

When a pipe entry should be applied to all atomics, this is usually set to 0xFFFFFFFF.

0x08 uint32 PipeFlags [Flags] Bitfield of various rendering flags. The layout is the following (left side is most significant, right side is least significant):
  • A - Alpha compare value (0-255). Atomics with transparent textures use this value to filter out pixels below a certain alpha threshold. Only pixels with an alpha > this value will be rendered. Set this to 0 if you want all pixels to be rendered.
  • B - Unknown (0-15)
  • C - Unknown (0-7)
  • D - Ignore Fog (0-1). If set, atomics will not be rendered with fog.
  • E - Destination Blend (0-15). Destination RwBlendFunction for atomics.
  • F - Source Blend (0-15). Source RwBlendFunction for atomics.
  • G - Lighting Mode (0-3).
    • 0 - LightKit only
    • 1 - Prelight only
    • 2 - LightKit and Prelight
    • 3 - Unknown
  • H - Cull Mode (0-3).
    • 0 - Unknown
    • 1 - None. Atomics will be rendered with no front or back face culling.
    • 2 - Back. Atomics will be rendered with back face culling.
    • 3 - Dual. Atomics will be rendered once with front face culling, then once with back face culling.
  • I - Z-Write Mode (0-3).
    • 0 - Enabled. Atomics will be rendered with z-write enabled.
    • 1 - Disabled. Atomics will be rendered with z-write disabled.
    • 2 - Dual. Atomics will be rendered once with z-write disabled, then once with z-write enabled.
    • 3 - Unknown
  • J - Unknown
0x0C uint8 Layer LayerType list. Specifies when to draw a transparent object
0x0D uint8 AlphaDiscard
0x0E uint16 PipePad


  • 0 - N/A
  • 1 - Zero
  • 2 - One
  • 3 - Source Color
  • 4 - Inverse Source Color
  • 5 - Source Alpha
  • 6 - Inverse Source Alpha
  • 7 - Destination Alpha
  • 8 - Inverse Destination Alpha
  • 9 - Destination Color
  • 10 - Inverse Destination Color
  • 11 - Source Alpha Saturated


00 - FIRST                Draw first
01 - PREPICKUP            Draw before pickups
02 - POSTPICKUP           Draw just after pickups
03 - PREOOB               Draw before the OOB object
04 - POSTOOB              Draw just after the OOB object
05 - PRECUTSCENE          Draw before cutscene objects
06 - POSTCUTSCENE         Draw just after cutscene objects
07 - PRENPC               Draw before NPC objects
08 - POSTNPC              Draw just after NPC objects
09 - PRESHADOW            Draw before shadows
10 - POSTSHADOW           Draw just after shadows
11 - PREFX                Draw before lightning, glares, etc.
12 - POSTFX               Draw after glares, etc.
13 - PREPARTICLES         Draw before particles
14 - POSTPARTICLES        Draw after particles
15 - PRENORMAL4           Draw before normal transparencies (4 stages)
16 - PRENORMAL3           Draw before normal transparencies (3 stages)
17 - PRENORMAL2           Draw before normal transparencies (2 stages)
18 - PRENORMAL            Draw before normal transparencies
19 - NORMAL               Draw in the normal position
20 - POSTNORMAL           Draw directly after transparencies
21 - POSTNORMAL2          Draw directly after transparencies (2 stages)
22 - POSTNORMAL3          Draw directly after transparencies (3 stages)
23 - POSTNORMAL4          Draw directly after transparencies (4 stages)
24 - PREPTANK             Draw before ptank effects
25 - POSTPTANK            Draw after ptank effects
26 - PREDECAL             Draw before decals
27 - POSTDECAL            Draw after decals
28 - PRELASTFX            Draw before lasers, etc.
29 - POSTLASTFX           Draw directly after lasers, etc.
30 - PRELAST              Draw before last
31 - LAST                 Draw last

Movie Model Asset ID

One important detail in the PIPT asset in Movie Game is that, in some of the entries, the model Asset ID will be a hash of the model's name without the .dff extension at the end, being different from if it were hashed from the name with .dff. This can be noted in Industrial Park's PIPT editor in which some of the PIPT entries refer to the model's name without .dff at the end:

It's unknown why this was done this way and whether having the entry reference a hash with .dff at the end will work or not.