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Progress Script
Base Type0x75
Games usedThe Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer

Progress Script is similar to Script but without TimedLinks.



xProgressScriptAsset is the data structure that defines the format for PGRS assets. It inherits from xBaseAsset (8 bytes long).

Offset Type Variable Description
0x08 int eventCount Number of xProgressScriptEventAssets.


xProgressScriptEventAsset defines the format for events in PGRS assets.

Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 float percent .
0x04 int flags
0x08 AssetID widget Asset to send this asset to.
0x0C int paramEvent Event ID enum. (See the list of events for your game to find the correct event ID)
0x10 float[4] param Event parameters (can be floats, ints, AssetIDs, etc.)
0x20 AssetID paramWidget Asset ID parameter.