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Games usedThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer

Ratatouille Prototype


Inherits from DYNA/ui:asset

class zUIImageAsset : public zUIAsset
    unsigned int image;
    float u1;
    float v1;
    float u2;
    float v2;
    float u3;
    float v3;
    float u4;
    float v4;
    float rotation;
    unsigned short iflags;
    unsigned char addressModeU;
    unsigned char addressModeV;
    xColor_tag color1;
    xColor_tag color2;
    xColor_tag color3;
    xColor_tag color4;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x50 RWTX image Texture_AssetID
0x54 f32 u1
0x58 f32 v1
0x5C f32 u2
0x60 f32 v2
0x64 f32 u3
0x68 f32 v3
0x6C f32 u4
0x70 f32 v4
0x74 f32 rotation
0x78 u16 iflags 1 - Unknown
2 - Transparent
0x7A u8 addreasMoveU
0x7B u8 addreasMoveV
0x7C Color color1
0x80 Color color2
0x84 Color color3
0x88 Color color4