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Full Game Mods

Mod Author Release Last updated Version Description
Movie Blitz Eyepie TBA TBA TBA Mod that features 18 Custom stages and a full 68 tokens. Coming Soon!
Movie Encore Koopa Eliminator 2023.01.23 2023.09.17 v1.2 New Game+ mod for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
Movie SquarePants SpongeBob The Cornbread Snake 2023.01.01 2023.01.02 v1.1 Reverses nearly every aspect of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie to be in backwards order.
Movie DX Koopa Eliminator 2021.11.25 2022.01.25 v2.1 Quality-of-life mod for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
Weenie Hut Jr's actualchatterteeth 2020.03.25 2021.04.27 v2.1 Practice tool for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

Other Mods

All downloads are either packs of HIP/HOP files (meant to be placed into an extracted game) or patch files (applied using BFBB Patch Tool).

Mod Name Author Type Platform Release Last updated Description
Loss Bridge Double H Level GameCube 2023.09.10 2023.09.10 The bridge in 3K has been changed slightly.
Elvis Swingers in Space Double H Level GameCube 2023.09.10 2023.09.10 Play as Disco Patrick in a tricky parkour challenge! Part of the 2023 Parkour Modding Challenge.
Double H Meme Comp 2023 Double H Level Pack GameCube 2023.09.03 2023.09.23 Level pack containing Elvis Swingers, Beat Block as SpongeBob, Elvis Swingers in Space, Nightmare Scenario, and Elvis Swingers 3.
Double H SpongeBall (Three-in-One) Double H Level Pack GameCube 2023.09.03 2023.09.03 Level pack containing three SpongeBall tracks: Snaky-Fan, Block Fans, and Mini Meandering.
Floating Block Bash (Two-in-One) Double H Level Pack GameCube 2023.09.03 2023.09.03 Play through the two versions of Floating Block Bash: The 2023 remake and the 2021 original.
TSSM Xbox DFF Player Models Double H Asset Xbox 2023.08.28 2023.08.28 Raw Xbox DFF models for every playable character in TSSM. For use in Blender with a special add-on.
Disable Upgrade Tutorial Prompt Double H Asset GameCube 2023.08.20 2023.08.20 Disables the timer that runs the message box, so it never appears. Import to MNUI.HIP using Import HIP/HOP Archive.
Planktopolis Mindy Secondary Task Dialogue Double H Asset GameCube 2023.08.18 2023.08.18 Restores Mindy's unused reminders about collecting the remaining Tokens in Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions. Import to PT01.HIP using Import HIP/HOP Archive.
3K Mindy Secondary Task Dialogue Double H Asset GameCube 2023.08.18 2023.08.18 Restores Mindy's unused reminders about collecting the remaining Tokens in Three... Thousand Miles to Shell City. Import to DE01.HIP and DE01_US.hip using Import HIP/HOP Archive.
Depression Offstage Fogger Fix Double H Asset GameCube 2023.08.18 2023.08.18 Corrects the dispatcher that is meant to respawn the intro Fogger in I'm Ready... Depression after it is defeated. Import to BB03.HIP using Import HIP/HOP Archive.
BBBH Enemy Pit Extra Persistency Fix Double H Asset GameCube 2023.08.11 2023.08.11 Corrects the infamous oversight in Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt in which the enemy pit Extra despawns after dying or loading another area. Import to TT01.HIP using Import HIP/HOP Archive.
Driving SpongeBall Double H Character GameCube 2023.08.07 2023.09.03 Replaces the Patty Wagon with SpongeBall.
Driving Helicopter Double H Character GameCube 2023.08.07 2023.09.03 Replaces the Patty Wagon with the helicopter from SD101.
Driving Old Man Double H Character GameCube 2023.08.07 2023.09.03 Replaces the Patty Wagon with the motorist from SD101.
SpongeBob Meets Mario (SpongeBall Aesthetic) Double H Level GameCube 2023.08.06 2023.09.18 Remake of Mario Meets Mario from SMG1.
Known Issues for Luigi's Purple Coins: Manliness Points pop in and out based on camera position. Certain jumps are impossible due to SpongeBob's shorter jump distance.
Token Manliness Reward Script Double H Asset GameCube 2023.07.31 2023.07.31 Lets your custom level warp to another level by collecting the main token. Similar to Floating Block challenges.
Sandwich Driving 101 Animated Crowd Double H Asset GameCube 2023.07.30 2023.07.30 Restores the animations for the crowds in Sandwich Driving 101 found in the GC version to match the PS2 and Xbox versions. May cause lag. Import to BB01.HIP using Import HIP/HOP Archive.
No Cheese Animated Crowd Double H Asset GameCube 2023.07.30 2023.07.30 Restores the animations for the crowds in No Cheese found in the GC version to match the PS2 and Xbox versions. May cause lag. Import to BB02.HIP using Import HIP/HOP Archive.
SpongeBob Balancing Easter Egg Double H Asset GameCube 2023.07.30 2023.07.30 An importable HIP file that restores the background SpongeBob that appears after switching to Patrick in Three... Thousand Miles to Shell City from the Xbox and PS2 versions. Import to DE01.HIP using Import HIP/HOP Archive.
Side-Scrolling Camera Template Double H Asset GameCube 2023.07.29 2023.07.29 Short test level with screen-to-screen scrolling.
In-Game Timer actualchatterteeth Asset GameCube, PS2, Xbox 2023.07.18 2023.07.18 Importable HIP that adds an in-game timer to The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
Mini Meandering SpongeBall Double H Level GameCube
2023.07.13 2023.09.03 A small SpongeBall course with several sharp turns and precise movement. Replaces SCDA SpongeBall.
Jailbreak Willcon Level GameCube 2023.07.07 2023.07.08 A jail themed level where Patrick is an inmate and must climb as high as he can. 5 tokens and 1 extra. Includes a unique jail costume for Patrick.
Amalgam Remy Patrick Double H Character GameCube 2023.07.03 2023.09.03 Replaces GG Patrick cheat code costume. Remy uses Patrick's animations, so he looks deformed. Try not to ledge-grab anything.
Custom Patrick "All the Small Things" MTV Dance Recreation Animation TLL Animation GameCube, Xbox, PS2 2023.06.19 2023.08.07 Custom animation for Patrick replicating the "All the Small Things" MTV Dance Video by SpongeBob and friends.
Cleveland SpongeBob Eyepie Character GameCube 2023.06.19 2023.06.19 Grover Cleveland is now playable.
Kreuch SpongeBob Double H Character GameCube 2023.06.18 2023.09.03 Replaces Plain Sponge SpongeBob with Martin Kreuch. Martin Kreuch is now playable.
In-Game FPS Modifier Proboscis-2 Menu Option GameCube 2023.05.28 2023.05.31 Allows the framerate to be adjusted at anytime via the game's pause menu.
Danger Island Eyepie Level GameCube 2023.05.29 2023.05.29 A short custom sliding/platforming level; Features 1 token and 1 extra
Nightmare Scenario Double H Level GameCube
2023.05.25 2023.09.03 Defeat all the enemies in the cramped room to win.
Cube Level Template Double H Asset GameCube 2023.05.21 2023.05.21 Template for creating a platforming level out of SpongeBall cubes. Includes 3 textures.
Obama SpongeBob Double H Character GameCube 2023.05.19 2023.09.03 Replaces Plain Sponge SpongeBob's texture with Obama's grin.
Valley of the Lost Latte Level GameCube 2023.05.19 2023.09.22 A remix of The Lake of Graves, featuring a different look and new areas, 10 tokens and 10 extras.
Floating Block Bash (2023 Remake) Double H Level GameCube
2023.05.18 2023.09.03 Recreation of the 2021 level with a cleaner design.
Movie Galaxy 2 Double H Level Pack GameCube
2023.05.07 2023.09.03 Remake of two galaxies from Super Mario Galaxy 2: Flip-Swap Galaxy and Beat Block Galaxy. Treasure Chests unlock the Comet missions.
Beat Block, I'm SpongeBob! Double H Level GameCube 2023.05.03 2023.09.03 "Hi, I'm SpongeBob!"
Elvis Swingers 3 Double H Level GameCube 2023.04.23 2023.09.03 The sequel so good, we skipped to three. :planktroll:
Elvis Swingers Double H Level GameCube
2023.04.22 2023.09.03 Patrick swings around for a bit and wins, somehow.
Speedy Sliding Willcon Level GameCube 2023.04.22 2023.04.22 A custom slide level with a lot of speed and a lot of difficulty.
Skydome Templates Double H Asset GameCube 2023.04.19 2023.04.19 Importable HIP archives to add a skydome to a custom level.
The Terrible Awful No Good Level Milk Man Level GameCube 2023.04.01 2023.04.06 An abstract platforming level that will make you hate both me and yourself. Video
Conveyor Mayhem SkullyX Level GameCube 2023.03.28 2023.05.13 A 2 floor level. To get through the level you have to fight your way through. This level includes 2 goofy goober tokens and no extras.[update] fixed cutscenes and better direction in the final 3 platforms. Enjoy!!! Video
Phantom Road Koopa Eliminator Level GameCube 2023.03.16 2023.03.16 A harder version of the SNES Rainbow Road mod.
The Alien Disco SkullyX Level GameCube 2023.03.16 2023.03.21 Welcome to the alien disco(yes I'm calling them aliens). This is a combat challenge in space! Video
Floating Block Nightmare Willcon Level GameCube 2023.03.13 2023.03.13 A challenging Floating Block challenge with a few gimmicks via rotating blocks and enemies.
Planktopolis, but Plankton isn't messing around SkullyX Level GameCube 2023.03.12 2023.03.12 Plankton is not losing this time. Can you beat the challenge?
SNES Rainbow Road Koopa Eliminator Level GameCube 2023.03.11 2023.03.11 An almost 1:1 recreation of the original Rainbow Road! Video
No Cheese, but Plankton planned ahead SkullyX Level GameCube 2023.03.11 2023.03.11 A new version on no cheese but plankton hired people ahead of time. Video
Chaos Crater Eyepie Level GameCube 2023.03.11 2023.03.13 A custom platforming level featuring 4 tokens and 2 extras. Ver.1.1
Floating Block Forever Eyepie Level Pack GameCube 2023.02.11 2023.02.11 Enjoy 20 brand new levels of Floating Block madness! Video
Unfair Demo Double H Level GameCube 2023.02.14 2023.09.03 Preview mod that makes the game harder. Completing Dennis 2 now skips to Neptune.
FL: Virtual Test #1 - SpongeBall Koopa Eliminator Level GameCube 2023.01.05 2023.01.05 Custom SpongeBall level originally for a bigger mod made for the snow challenge, now repurposed for another modding challenge.
ClockTower Spongeball Level Milk Man Level GameCube 2022.12.31 2022.12.31 Custom spongeball level originally for a modding challenge. Centers around climbing a clocktower. Video
Block Fans SpongeBall Double H Level GameCube
2022.12.31 2023.09.03 Short SpongeBall level with rotating blocks. Video
Disable First Upgrade Point Textbox Eyepie Player Experience GameCube 2022.12.17 2022.12.17 Disables the textbox that appears when you earn your first upgrade point. Useful for testing, moding, and also just general QOL.
Pass the Cabbage actualchatterteeth Level GameCube 2022.12.29 2022.12.29 Pass the Cabbage across the table during dinner time.
Custom Combat Arena Eyepie Level GameCube 2022.12.5 2022.12.5 Combat challenge that takes place on a custom arena. Video
De-s-sert Dreams Eyepie Level GameCube 2022.12.1 2022.12.1 Simple custom level with 3 tokens. Enjoy! Video
Super Sponge Ball Eyepie Level Pack GameCube 2022.11.23 2023.04.04 Enjoy 20 new levels of Spongeball rollin' goodness! Have a ball! Version 1.1 Video
I'm Ready... Ball Willcon Level GameCube 2022.11.17 2023.03.15 I'm Ready... Depression but you are SpongeBall.
Enemy Spam Willcon Level Pack GameCube 2022.11.05 2022.11.05 It's the Movie game but with lots of enemies in the platformer levels. You will die a lot, so good luck. Major help from Double H.
Patrick's Nightmare Pepperpot Level GameCube 2022.11.01 2022.11.01 Help Patrick wake up from his hunger-induced nightmare! Contains 3 tokens and 3 extras. Video
The Lake of Graves Latte Level GameCube 2022.10.30 2022.11.03 An Island Platforming level with 5 Tokens and 3 Extras. Video
SpongeBob and Patrick Eyelids Fix MinecraftFreak73 Character GameCube 2022.08.29 2022.08.29 A mod that restores eyelids for Manager SpongeBob, Goofy Goober SpongeBob, ThugTug Patrick, and Caveman Patrick
Combat Challenges in Boss Arenas Koopa Eliminator Level GameCube 2022.08.28 2022.08.28 Combat Challenges 1-3 are altered to take place in the Frogfish, Dennis 1, and Neptune boss arenas. Video
Comic Sans Mod Milk man Player Experience GameCube 2022.08.09 2022.08.09 Replaces all of the fonts in the game with Comic Sans.
Pirate Arena Level Milk man Level GameCube 2022.06.24 2022.07.08 Custom Pirate themed level. Half platforming, half combat, fight "pirates" and traverse the sea in this short but sweet level. Features two tokens and one extra. Video
Custom Spongeball level Milk man Level GameCube 2022.06.09 2022.06.09 Custom Spongeball level that features Two Tokens (one for time trial), and One Treasure Chest. Video
Unnamed Airship Level Latte Level GameCube 2022.04.22 2022.09.16 Airship Level from the Discord Server Challenge. Updated to improve lighting. Video
Patrick SpongeBall Double H Character GameCube 2022.04.20 2023.09.03 Literally just replaces SpongeBall with Patrick. Just roll with it. Video
Restored PLS6 MinecraftFreak73 Character GameCube 2022.03.08 2022.03.08 SpongeBob's unused Goofy Goober costume 100% restored.
TSSM Grand Prix: Token Cup actualchatterteeth Level GameCube 2021.12.26 2023.1.26 A conversion of the driving levels from the base game into Mario Kart-style levels with a Grand Prix and Time Trial mode.
Floating Block Bash (2021 Original) Double H Level GameCube
2021.12.04 2023.09.03 A "short & sweet" SB Floating Block introducing some new potential mechanics for levels. Video
Custom Floating Block Challenge Milk_Man Level GameCube 2021.09.18 2021.10.01 Custom unnamed Floating Block challenge with 1 Token and 1 Treasure Chest. Introduces 2 new blocks: the Electric Block and the Oil Block. Video
Shut up, Guys! Double H Audio GameCube 2021.05.17 2023.09.03 Removes repetitive one-liners from SB and Pat during gameplay. Level/menu quips still occur, but the game is generally more enjoyable.
TSSM Custom Race Template actualchatterteeth Asset GameCube 2021.07.21 2023.01.26 Importable HIP file that adds Mario Kart-like lap and timer mechanics to levels.
Planktopolis themed arena challenge Milk man Level GameCube 2021.07.19 2021.07.19 Makes the third Combat Arena more like Planktopolis and reincorporates the unused Thug Tug Slammers. Video
Dry dry Lagoon Milk man Level GameCube 2021.06.19 2021.06.19 My first modded level that has 3 tokens and 2 extras. Video
Snaky-Fan SpongeBall Double H Level GameCube
2021.06.18 2023.09.03 SpongeBall level with a snaky layout. (Bragging rights: Clear the level without any Manliness points.) Video
Mama Luigi's Depression Double H Texture GameCube 2021.06.02 2023.09.03 Every texture in I'm Ready... Depression is Mama Luigi.
Hittable Enemies with Patty Wagon MinecraftFreak73 Asset GameCube 2021.05.26 2021.05.26 A template for colliding with enemies with the patty wagon.
Parappa Mindy Double H Character GameCube 2021.04.16 2023.09.03 Makes SB and Mindy stutter their heads during their talk in Planktopolis. Resembles a player free-styling in Parappa the Rapper. PLS3 can be used globally when playing as "Normal" SB. Video
Desert Forest MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2021.02.27 2021.02.27 A custom forest level. It's a Patrick only level with the enemies on their hardest variation. There are 4 Goofy Goober Tokens and 1 Extra to collect! Video
NTWM Guitar Challenge Latte Level Gamecube 2021.02.26 2021.02.26 A Guitar Challenge in the NTWM second area. Video
Planktopolis Spinner Patrick Double H Character GameCube 2021.02.16 2023.09.03 Replaces normal Patrick. Play as a Planktopolis Spinner! Spin attack nor Cartwheel works. Video
Notable Lack of Cheese Latte Level Gamecube 2020.11.04 2020.11.04 A fully custom no Cheese level. Includes 1 token and 1 extra. Video
Junk SpongeBob Double H Character GameCube 2020.11.01 2023.09.03 Replaces Mermaid Man SpongeBob with his dirty texture from the 100% ending.
Creepy Drunk SpongeBob Double H Character GameCube 2020.10.31 2023.09.03 Halloween costume that replaces Hungover SpongeBob.
Warp to Challenge Pads Double H Player Experience GameCube, Xbox, PS2 2020.10.15 2023.09.03 Picking a Combat, FBlock, or SBall Task warps to its Challenge Pad instead of its Task.
Cyclops' Battle Arena MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2020.10.14 2020.10.14 A custom level where you fight several waves of enemies while the Cyclops watches over. A short one token level with no Extras. Video
Ultimate SpongeBall MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2020.08.29 2020.08.29 Introducing Ultimate SpongeBall! It's all the SpongeBall levels combined into one long level. There's 1 token and 1 extra. Video
Custom Trench Level MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2020.08.16 2020.11.04 A custom Trench Level with 6 tokens and 4 extras. Video
SpongeBall Driving Latte Level Gamecube 2020.08.15 2020.12.21 A short driving level in the SpongeBall Challenge style. includes 1 token. Video
Negative Zillion Double H Level Pack GameCube 2020.07.17 2023.09.03 Level pack containing harder versions of No Cheese, 3,000 Miles to Shell City, and BBBH Combat Arena.
Mindy Skip Mod skyweiss Level GameCube 2020.07.15 2020.07.15 Falling in the pit in Knucklehead will perform Mindy Skip and bypass the 50 token requirement.
Health Barrel actualchatterteeth Asset GameCube 2020.07.01 2020.07.01 Barrels that drop health when broken.
Bathtime with Chris actualchatterteeth Level GameCube 2020.03.21 2023.08.06 Custom sewer level with the objective of giving Chris a shower. Short, one area, one token hack. Video
Sandy in TSSM MinecraftFreak73 Character GameCube 2020.03.19 2020.03.19 Here's Sandy in TSSM, replaces Disco Patrick. The slippery animations don't work. Video
Unnamed Carnival Level MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2019.07.16 2019.07.16 A custom slightly carnival-themed level with 2 tokens and 2 extras. Video
Ultimate Combat Arena VGamer78 Level GameCube 2019.06.26 2019.06.26 A 6-round Combat Arena challenge with every enemy in the game. Video
Unnamed Planktopolis Level MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2019.04.29 2019.04.29 Custom Planktopolis-based level with 4 tokens and 4 extras. Video
Combat Arena Challenge With Every Enemy igorseabra4 Level GameCube 2019.04.18 2019.04.18 A Combat Arena Challenge with every enemy in the game. Video
Unnamed Custom Level With Every Enemy MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2019.04.03 2019.04.03 A Floating Block Challenge themed level with every enemy in the game. Video
Custom SpongeBob Visor Hoon Character GameCube 2018.10.02 2018.10.02 Neptune Boss SpongeBob but his visor is like the one from the actual SpongeBob Movie.