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Full Game Mods[edit]

Mod Author Release Last updated Version Description
Movie DX Koopa Eliminator 2021.11.25 2022.01.25 v2.1 Quality-of-life mod for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
Weenie Hut Jr's actualchatterteeth 2020.03.25 2021.04.27 v2.1 Practice tool for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

Other Mods[edit]

All downloads are either packs of HIP/HOP files (meant to be placed into an extracted game) or patch files (applied using BFBB Patch Tool).

Mod Name Author Type Platform Release Last updated Description
Comic Sans Mod Milk man Player Experience GameCube 2022.08.09 2022.08.09 Replaces all of the fonts in the game with Comic Sans.
Pirate Arena Level Milk man Level GameCube 2022.06.24 2022.07.08 Custom Pirate themed level. Half platforming, half combat, fight "pirates" and traverse the sea in this short but sweet level. Features two tokens and one extra.
Custom Spongeball level Milk man Level GameCube 2022.06.09 2022.06.09 Custom Spongeball level that features Two Tokens (one for time trial), and One Treasure Chest. Video
Unnamed Airship Level Latte Level GameCube 2022.04.22 2022.06.08 Airship Level from the Discord Server Challenge. Updated to remove the debug button. Video
Patrick SpongeBall Double H Character GameCube 2022.04.20 2022.04.20 Literally just replaces SpongeBall with Patrick. Just roll with it. Video
Restored PLS6 MinecraftFreak73 Character GameCube 2022.03.08 2022.03.08 SpongeBob's unused Goofy Goober costume 100% restored.
TSSM Grand Prix: Token Cup actualchatterteeth Level GameCube 2021.12.26 2021.12.26 A conversion of the driving levels from the base game into Mario Kart-style levels with a Grand Prix and Time Trial mode.
Floating Block Bash Double H Level GameCube 2021.12.04 2021.12.04 A "short & sweet" SB Floating Block introducing some new potential mechanics for levels. Video
Custom Floating Block Challenge Milk_Man Level GameCube 2021.09.18 2021.10.01 Custom unnamed Floating Block challenge with 1 Token and 1 Treasure Chest. Introduces 2 new blocks: the Electric Block and the Oil Block.
Shut up, Guys! Double H Audio GameCube 2021.05.17 2021.09.01 Removes repetitive one-liners from SB and Pat during gameplay. Level/menu quips still occur, but the game is generally more enjoyable.
BB03 (Placeholder. To be removed.) Double H Level GameCube 2021.07.24 2021.07.24 Placeholder of I'm Ready... Depression made early in development. Fake. Video
TSSM Custom Race Template actualchatterteeth Asset GameCube 2021.07.21 2021.07.21 Importable HIP file that adds Mario Kart-like lap and timer mechanics to levels.
Planktopolis themed arena challenge Milk man Level GameCube 2021.07.19 2021.07.19 Makes the third Combat Arena more like Planktopolis and reincorporates the unused Thug Tug Slammers.
Dry dry Lagoon Milk man Level GameCube 2021.06.19 2021.06.19 My first modded level that has 3 tokens and 2 extras. Video
Snakey-Fan Stage Double H Level GameCube 2021.06.18 2021.06.18 SpongeBall level made from scratch based on a drawn design. (Bragging rights: Clear the level without collecting manly points.) Video
Mama Luigi's Depression Double H Texture GameCube 2021.06.02 2021.06.02 Every texture in I'm Ready... Depression is Mama Luigi.
A Zillion Miles to Shell City Double H Level GameCube 2021.05.31 2021.05.31 Harder version of "Three... Thousand Miles to Shell City". Includes harder versions of the Floating Block and Spongeball Challenges. Video
Hittable Enemies with Patty Wagon MinecraftFreak73 Asset GameCube 2021.05.26 2021.05.26 A template for colliding with enemies with the patty wagon.
Parappa Conversation Double H Character GameCube 2021.04.16 2021.04.16 Makes SB and Mindy stutter their heads during their talk in Planktopolis. Resembles a player free-styling in Parappa the Rapper. PLS3 can be used globally when playing as "Normal" SB. Video
Desert Forest MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2021.02.27 2021.02.27 A custom forest level. It's a Patrick only level with the enemies on their hardest variation. There are 4 Goofy Goober Tokens and 1 Extra to collect! Video
NTWM Guitar Challenge Latte Level Gamecube 2021.02.26 2021.02.26 A Guitar Challenge in the NTWM second area. Video
Planktopolis Spinner Double H Character GameCube 2021.02.16 2021.02.16 Play as a Planktopolis Spinner! Spin attack nor Cartwheel works. Video
Notable Lack of Cheese Latte Level Gamecube 2020.11.04 2020.11.04 A fully custom no Cheese level. Includes 1 token and 1 extra. Video
Junk SpongeBob Double H Character GameCube 2020.11.01 2020.11.01 Uses the "dirty" texture from the 100% ending.
Creepy Drunk SpongeBob Double H Character GameCube 2020.10.31 2020.10.31 Halloween costume that replaces Hungover SpongeBob.
Warp to Panel Double H Player Experience GameCube 2020.10.15 2020.10.15 Picking a Combat, FBlock, or SBall Task warps to its Challenge Panel instead of the actual Task.
Cyclops' Battle Arena MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2020.10.14 2020.10.14 A custom level where you fight several waves of enemies while the Cyclops watches over. A short one token level with no Extras. Video
BBBH Combat v3 Double H Level GameCube 2020.10.07 2020.10.07 BBBH Combat Arena but the enemies are at their v3 difficulty.
Ultimate SpongeBall MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2020.08.29 2020.08.29 Introducing Ultimate SpongeBall! It's all the SpongeBall levels combined into one long level. There's 1 token and 1 extra. Video
Custom Trench Level MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2020.08.16 2020.11.04 A custom Trench Level with 6 tokens and 4 extras. Video
SpongeBall Driving Latte Level Gamecube 2020.08.15 2020.12.21 A short driving level in the SpongeBall Challenge style. includes 1 token. Video
Negative Cheddar! Double H Level GameCube 2020.07.17 2021.04.11 No Cheese! with new foes and obstacles. v1.01: Fixed muted cutscene audio and reduced file size. Video
Mindy Skip Mod skyweiss Level GameCube 2020.07.15 2020.07.15 Falling in the pit in Knucklehead will perform Mindy Skip and bypass the 50 token requirement.
Health Barrel actualchatterteeth Asset GameCube 2020.07.01 2020.07.01 Barrels that drop health when broken.
Bathtime with Chris actualchatterteeth Level GameCube 2020.03.21 2020.03.21 Custom sewer level with the objective of giving Chris a shower. Short, one area, one token hack. Video
Sandy in TSSM MinecraftFreak73 Character GameCube 2020.03.19 2020.03.19 Here's Sandy in TSSM, replaces Disco Patrick. The slippery animations don't work. Video
Unnamed Carnival Level MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2019.07.16 2019.07.16 A custom slightly carnival-themed level with 2 tokens and 2 extras. Video
Ultimate Combat Arena VGamer78 Level GameCube 2019.06.26 2019.06.26 A 6-round Combat Arena challenge with every enemy in the game. Takes about 60 seconds to load. Video
Unnamed Planktopolis Level MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2019.04.29 2019.04.29 Custom Planktopolis-based level with 4 tokens and 4 extras. Video
Combat Arena Challenge With Every Enemy igorseabra4 Level GameCube 2019.04.18 2019.04.18 A Combat Arena Challenge with every enemy in the game. Video
Unnamed Custom Level With Every Enemy MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2019.04.03 2019.04.03 A Floating Block Challenge themed level with every enemy in the game. Video
Custom SpongeBob Visor Hoon Character GameCube 2018.10.02 2018.10.02 Neptune Boss SpongeBob but his visor is like the one from the actual SpongeBob Movie.