DYNA/game object:laser beam

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Games usedThe Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 uint flags
0x04 uint attach_to SIMP_AssetID
0x08 uint target MVPT_AssetID
0x0C uint origin_emitter
0x10 uint strike_emitter
0x14 Vector3 origin
0x20 float speed
0x24 float segment_dist
0x28 float knockback
0x2C uchar movement
0x30 uchar attach_bone
0x34 uchar target_bone
0x38 uchar color_anim_type
0x3C uchar fade_in_type
0x40 uchar fade_out_type
0x44 uchar padding1
0x48 uchar padding2
0x4C float fade_in_time
0x50 float fade_out_time
0x54 _class_3 damage
0x58 _class_5 beam
0x5C _class_10 ribbon
0x60 _class_14 color_anim