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Navigation Mesh
Base Type0x9A
Games usedThe Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer


Navigation Meshes are base assets, so they start with their 0x8 byte header, then are followed by:

Offset Type Variable Description
0x8 int32 num_sub_meshes
0xC uint8 portal_lookup
0xD uint8 portal
0xE uint8 padding
0xF uint8 padding
0x10 float32 edge_shift
0x14 int32 exit_triangle_index
0x18 int32 dest_triangle_index
0x1C int32 neighbor_mesh_index
0x20 int32 num_exits
0x24 Vector3 vertices
0x30 int32 num_vertices
0x34 uint8 a
0x35 uint8 b
0x36 uint8 c
0x37 uint8 flags
0x38 int32 num_triangles
0x3C uint32 objects
0x40 int32 num_objects
0x44 uint8 level_two_route_exits
0x45 uint8 padding
0x46 uint8 padding
0x47 uint8 padding
0x48 int32 lookup_next
0x4C float32 get_height
0x50 int32 get_triangle