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Games usedBattle for Bikini Bottom

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer

Ratatouille Prototype
Source codexLightKit.h



Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 uint tagID "TIKL"
0x04 uint groupID
0x08 uint lightCount Number of Lights
0x0C uint lightList
0x10 AssetID? blended Only Present in ROTU


Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 uint type
  • 1 - Ambient light
  • 2 - Directional light
0x04 Vector4 color RGBA
0x14 Vector3 null
0x20 float null
0x24 Vector3 null
0x30 float null
0x34 Vector3 null
0x40 float null
0x44 Vector3 null
0x50 float null
0x54 float radius
0x58 float angle
0x5C ?? platLight

The direction vector determines what direction a directional light will point to. This does not point to a particular spot, but rather at an angle all throughout the map. These values can be positive or negative.

The other vectors serve no apparent purpose.