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Base Type0x49
Games usedThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The Incredibles

Rise of the Underminer


SPLN are base assets, so they start with their 0x8 byte header, then are followed by:

struct xSpline3
	uint16 type;
	uint16 flags;
	uint32 N;
	uint32 allocN;
	xVec3* points;
	float32* time;
	xVec3* p12;
	xVec3* bctrl;
	float32* knot;
	xCoef3* coef;
	uint32 arcSample;
	float32* arcLength;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x8 uint16 type Usually 3
0xA uint16 flags
0xC uint32 N
0x10 uint32 allocN
0x14 Vector3 points
0x20 float32 time
0x24 Vector3 p12
0x30 Vector3 bctrl
0x3C float32 knot
0x40 Vector3 coef
0x4C uint32 arcSample
0x50 float32 arcLength