EvilEngine/DYNA/camera:binary poi

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Games usedRise of the Underminer
Ratatouille Prototype


Unused in Ratatouille Prototype but is still supported.

struct xCamBinaryAsset : xDynAsset
    unsigned short mVersion;
    unsigned short mFlags;
    unsigned int mTargetID;
    float mTargetMarginAngle;
    float mTargetRadiusScale;
    float mDistanceScale;
    float mPhiOffset;
    float mYawOffset;
    float mNearWallScale;
    float mFarWallScale;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x10 u16 mVersion
0x12 u16 mFlags
0x14 u32 mTargetID
0x18 f32 mTargetMarginAngle
0x1C f32 mTargetRadiusScale
0x20 f32 mDistanceScale
0x24 f32 mPhiOffset
0x28 f32 mYawOffset
0x2C f32 mNearWallScale
0x30 f32 mFarWallScale