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Games usedBattle for Bikini Bottom
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Source codezBusStop.h

This asset defines a Bus Stop, which is used to switch the playable character between SpongeBob and either Patrick or Sandy.

It is very similar to a Taxi Stop, in that it creates a trigger at a Marker's position and uses a Camera and bus Simple Object to play a drive-by animation.

In the original game, levels that use Bus Stops only contain assets for either Patrick or Sandy, but not both. If, for example, you try to make a Bus Stop switch to Patrick in a level that only has Sandy's assets, nothing will happen. However, it is possible to use both Patrick and Sandy if you port the missing character's assets to the level, specifically the MODL, RWTX, ANIM, ATBL, and MINF assets.

Note that, similar to Taxi Stops, the busstop SIMP itself is completely separate from the Bus Stop game object and is not required for the Bus Stop to work.

Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 AssetID (Marker) marker Position of the Bus Stop. Typically placed right next to a busstop SIMP.
0x04 int character Which character to switch to. Note that the character's assets must be present in the level for the switch to work.
  • 0 = Patrick
  • 1 = Sandy
0x08 AssetID (Camera) cameraID Camera to switch to for the bus drive-by animation.
0x0C AssetID (Simple Object) busID Simple Object to play the bus drive-by animation with.
0x10 float delay Time in seconds after the bus drive-by animation starts to switch the character. The animation is about 2 seconds long, so this is commonly set to 1 or 1.5 to ensure the switch is hidden behind the bus simp. The approximate range allowed is 0.09 to 1.96, any values outside of this range will cause the switch to not work.


  • Bus Switch Character