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Full Game Mods

Mod Author Release Last updated Version Description
Battle for Boo-kini Bottom AkiraTheGamer, TLL 2023.10.01 2023.10.11 1.1 Are ya ready ghouls? Experience classic BfBB but spooky!
BFBB TikTok Edition Double H 2022.08.11 2023.04.04 1.02 Experience BFBB while everyone has the funny TikTok lady voice.
Winter Wonderland Koopa Eliminator 2022.05.19 2024.01.13 2.0 Winter has arrived in Bikini Bottom! Experience BFBB with ice cold aesthetic, a few other alterations, and a custom soundtrack!
BFBB Beta Mod TLL 2022.07.11 2023.07.11 2.2 A recreation mod of the early build of BfBB seen in pre-release footage.
Sock Expedition Extreme TetraxZ 2022.04.09 2022.05.09 1.5 Help find Patrick's 1000 socks in an exploration heavy experience!
Five Nights in BFBB Gravity 2022.04.01 2023.09.09 1.3 Survival-horror mod based on the Five Nights at Freddy's series
Spongebob Squarepants: Spatula Collector aaron5015 2021.08.01 2021.08.01 1.0 100 Spatulas, One area. Insanity? Yes.
BFBB:Eternal Blackout aaron5015 2021.02.21 2021.02.21 1.0 Venture through all of Bikini Bottom with limited vision.
BFBBMix skyweiss 2020.08.28 2022.03.04 5.06 Full game mod with entirely new levels, objectives and music.
BFBB:Second Strike aaron5015 2020.03.27 2022.01.27 1.02.6 Significantly increases the difficulty of the original game.
TetraxZ's BfBB Showcase Mod TetraxZ 2018.09.14 2021.01.08 1.5 Showcases what Industrial Park can do in terms of editing levels.

Level Mods

Mod Name Author Type Platform Release Last updated Description HMM Compatible
Jellyfish Airlines SuperA20102BFBB Level GameCube 2023.12.30 2023.12.30 Replaces the trampoline to squidward with an airline. Required
Ghost Jelly Lake Koopa Eliminator Level GameCube 2023.12.26 2024.04.28 Completely replaces Kelp Forest with a full 8 spats and 7 socks. Originally made for the Secret Santa modding challenge. Yes
cowboy killer museum actualchatterteeth Level GameCube 2023.10.27 2023.10.27 Museum of liminal photographs taken by the photographer cowboy killer (October 2023 Modding Challenge Submission) No
Gravity's Extreme Bonus Challenge Pack Gravity Level GameCube 2023.09.19 2023.09.19 A collection of 5 brutally difficult platforming levels! Yes
Strawberry Lake Zeptea Level, Character, Animations GameCube 2023.09.06 2024.03.30 A fully custom level inspired by the Katamari games where you play as a tiny cosmic character, (Ichigo) to collect strawberries! Yes
SpongeBob and the Pit of 100 Trials Gravity Level GameCube 2023.08.02 2023.09.18 A recreation of the dungeon from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Battle through new and old enemies, grow stronger as you go, and face off against a fully custom boss! Playthrough Boss Fight. Yes
Elvis Swingers: Quantumania Double H Level GameCube 2023.07.29 2023.10.13 Small edit of Patrick's Dream, but there's a lot of Elvis. Required
Toybox Tumble TetraxZ Level GameCube 2023.07.23 2023.07.23 Roll around a course in a toybox! Contains 1 Golden Spatula and 10 Socks. No
Sponge and Ball Torture Double H Level GameCube 2023.07.13 2023.10.13 Do not play this. Yes
Toxic Caves Koopa Eliminator Level GameCube 2023.06.04 2023.05.29 A slide set in a cave flooded with toxic waste. No
Elvis Swingers: Sister Location Double H Level GameCube 2023.05.27 2023.10.13 Elvis Swingers, but you play as Sandy??? Yes
Floating Blocks in BfBB Double H Level GameCube 2023.05.27 2023.10.13 Ports all three Floating Block Challenges to BfBB.
Press R to switch characters!
Random Slide Level LogoFun13-YT Level GameCube 2023.05.25 2023.06.04 Just a random slide level, what did you expect? (Originally submitted for Sliding Community Modding Challenge) (Update: fixes a skip, counter and underwear.) No
Sliding Day! actualchatterteeth Level GameCube 2023.05.25 2023.05.25 SpongeBob and Sandy have a Sliding Day! [Submission for April/May 2023 Community Modding Challenge]) No
The Funny Slide Double H Level GameCube 2023.05.24 2023.10.13 This will be the best slide you'll ever go down.
(Submitted for the May 2023 Community Sliding Challenge)
SpongeBob Meets Mario + Luigi's Purple Coins Gravity Level GameCube 2023.04.18 2023.04.18 Recreations of the "Mario Meets Mario" and "Luigi's Purple Coins" tasks from Super Mario Galaxy, complete with custom pickups, sound effects, and music. (Does not have a warp between levels. Must reload the game after changing the boot level in sb.ini to go to each one.) Yes
April Fools' Peril Double H Level GameCube 2023.04.01 2023.10.22 Created for April Fools' of 2023. Pretended to be a full game with a bajillion levels. Includes funny "dev" files, if you open the Mod folder. Also has an awesome pause menu. Required
Squidward's SpongeBall Remix Double H Level GameCube 2023.01.01 2023.10.13 SCDA SpongeBall reskin themed around Squidward's Dream. Yes
The Sponginator (Jellyfish Rock Out) CesarTheSanchez Level GameCube 2022.12.15 2023.04.26 Recruits Wanted. Terrorize the robots with your set of upgraded weapons and quick character swap to overpower metallic ferocity at Jellyfish Rock in this straight forward, single level mod. No
A Minor Treedome Edit Double H Level GameCube 2022.12.04 2023.10.13 A minor Treedome edit. Required
Dream Paralysis Double H Level GameCube 2022.10.30 2023.10.13 Patrick's Dream but a bit spooky. Created for the 2022 Halloween Modding Challenge. Yes
Chumber Prototype Double H Level GameCube 2022.09.10 2023.10.13 Short level based on the Portal games. Yes
Finished Musclebob JustOlaia Level GameCube 2022.09.03 2022.09.03 This is a mod of musclebob but finished. No
Olaia's Adventure JustOlaia Level GameCube 2022.08.10 2022.08.27 A mod that adds custom menu, custom level, and finished patrick's dream. No
SpongeBall Levels in BfBB Double H Level GameCube 2022.07.15 2023.10.13 Ports of three TSSM SpongeBall levels that challenge the heavier rolling physics of BfBB. No
Floating Block Bash: BfBB Edition Double H Level GameCube 2022.06.08 2023.10.13 Floating Block Bash TSSM level ported to BfBB. Slightly harder due to BfBB's different physics. Yes
Daytime Kelp Forest Koopa Eliminator Level GameCube 2022.02.26 2023.03.21 Changes the time of day to make Kelp Forest (hopefully) a little easier. No
Quicker Kelp Caves Koopa Eliminator Level GameCube 2022.02.23 2022.02.23 Backtracking for Kelp Caves is no longer as frequent as it is in the normal game. No
Drunk Jellyfish Lake Double H Level GameCube 2022.02.20 2023.10.13 Main NPCs (and Patrick) have been model swapped with TSSM models. Required
Alternate Timeline Koopa Eliminator Level GameCube 2021.03.30 2021.03.30 A "What If" scenario for Patrick's Dream. What if both versions of Patrick's Dream were combined, instead of being separate levels? No
Fixed Beta Goo Lagoon MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2021.03.27 2022.09.01 Restores the Beta Goo Lagoon New Folder version to be playable with the retail version of the game. No
Jellyfish Fields Combat Arena Challenge MinecraftFreak73 Level GameCube 2020.12.24 2020.12.24 TSSM's combat challenges, but now in BFBB! A one golden spatula Level with no socks. No
Patrick's Dream Robot Arena Area BFBBBroReturns Level GameCube 2020.06.30 2021.01.05 A mod of Patrick's Dream, that adds a ambush of robots in the level to fight, to earn a spatula. No
Beta Goo Lagoon igorseabra4 Level GameCube 2020.06.29 2020.06.29 Restores the beta Goo Lagoon level (GL01) from the New Folder version that is present in the game. Not all asset formats were converted properly and crashes can occur. No
Police Station Ambush BFBBBroReturns Level GameCube 2019.08.19 2021.01.05 Adds a robot ambush into the police station, defeat all the robots earn a spatula. No
Rock Bottom Depths ProfFaBo Level GameCube 2019.08.13 2019.08.13 A custom Rock Bottom-themed level. See video. No
Pyris' Unnamed BFBB Mod (dead link) pyris vangogh Level GameCube 2019.07.21 2019.07.21 See playlist (dead link). N/A
Final BFBB Stage Gets Harder VGamer78 Level GameCube 2019.04.03 2019.04.03 Increases the challenge of Robo-SpongeBob's final phase. No
Twisty Trials igorseabra4 Level GameCube 2019.02.19 2023.09.01 This is a custom level inspired by the Twisty Trials Galaxy level from Super Mario Galaxy. It is a short level with two spatulas. Yes
Spongeball Arena without Spongeball (dead link) hellfire Level GameCube 2018.11.28 2018.11.28 Spongeball Arena but you can walk around as Patrick or Sandy. There's a G-Love robot you must get hit by to switch characters. Switch characters cheat required. N/A
Patrick's Dream With Skybox igorseabra4 Level GameCube 2018.05.23 2023.09.01 This mod adds a skybox to the unused Patrick's Dream level (DB05). See video. Yes
Krabby Patty Platforms: Hard Mode igorseabra4 Level GameCube 2018.05.09 2023.09.01 This mod changes the Krabby Patty Platforms level (Mr. Krab's Dream) into a harder version. It's the first stage mod done only with HipHopTool and hex editing. See video. Yes

Other Mods

Mod Name Author Type Platform Release Last updated Description HMM Compatible
Rain Climate Mod Milk Man Climate GameCube 2023.12.28 2023.12.28 Adds a custom Rain Climate that replaces a formerly unused one. Instructions on how to use this in your levels are in the README. Yes
Restore Robot Laugh igorseabra4 Sound GameCube 2023.09.20 2023.09.20 Restores the robot laugh sound to the GameCube version of the game. Can be combined with other mods; place near the bottom of the mod list. Required
SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Gear Costume TLL Costume GameCube & Xbox 2023.09.16 2023.09.16 A custom costume I made using a couple assets from ROTFD, this was originally intended for my scrapped challenge submission. No
FMV Prologue Template Double H Asset GameCube 2023.09.05 2023.09.05 Overwrites the Prologue cutscene to play one of the promo FMVs instead, followed by warping to the Pineapple (this can be changed too). User must replace one of the promo FMVs with a custom one. No
Lovesaw CautionusJay Sound GameCube 2023.08.22 2023.08.22 A mod that replaces G-Love's sounds with bass boosted chainsaw noises. No
Custom Patrick "All the Small Things" MTV Dance Recreation Animation TLL Animation GameCube, Xbox, PS2 2023.06.19 2023.08.07 Custom animation for Patrick replicating the "All the Small Things" MTV Dance Video by SpongeBob and friends. No
Unused BfBB Worm Restored TLL Animations, Model, Texture GameCube, Xbox 2023.03.31 2023.08.07 The unused worm model seen in Shady Shoals is 100% restored with custom animations and a texture by me. No
Custom Gary Eye-Clap Animation TLL Animation GameCube, Xbox, PS2 2023.03.26 2023.03.26 Custom animation for Gary replicating the Jellyfish Jam episode. No
Nick Logo BIK (REMASTERED) TLL FMV GameCube 2023.03.07 2023.03.07 Nick Logo BIK but with stereo audio and a much better audio effect. No
TSSM Patrick Costumes Double H Asset GameCube 2023.01.27 2023.10.13 Patrick costumes for use in custom levels. No
Karate Spin Double H Asset GameCube 2023.01.26 2023.10.13 Replaces SpongeBob's bubble wand with karate gloves. Damage hit box remains the same as the bubble wand. Required
HQ Robot Laugh Double H Asset GameCube 2022.11.26 2023.10.13 Higher quality version of the robot laugh that can be restored in mnu5.HIP. Required
Simple Level Template Double H Asset GameCube 2022.09.08 2023.10.13 Level template with a few common stage elements. Also includes a separate flat world. No
Comic Sans Mod Milk man Player Experience GameCube 2022.08.09 2024.04.01 Replaces all of the fonts in the game with Comic Sans. Yes
TSSM SpongeBob Costumes Double H Asset GameCube 2022.02.22 2023.10.13 SpongeBob costumes that can be added to levels. May cause crashes during cutscenes. No
Double H Fields Double H Audio GameCube 2021.01.17 2023.10.13 Replaces every sound in Jellyfish Fields with Double H. The exit taxi is used to skip the first area. Required
Pac-Man igorseabra4 Character GameCube 2020.08.21 2023.09.01 Pac-Man character mod. Yes
TSSM Sounds in BfBB Double H Audio GameCube 2020.08.10 2023.10.13 Replaces the character, button, and springboard sounds with counterparts from TSSM. Required
BFBBFix 1SDANi Player Experience Gamecube 2020.08.04 2020.08.04 A mod that unifies features, restores out of bounds objects, fixes bugs, and makes other Quality of Life changes. No
Jellyfish Fields 64 (April Fools) igorseabra4 Texture GameCube 2020.04.01 2023.09.01 A texture mod which replaces textures in all sections of Jellyfish Fields with textures from Super Mario 64. Advertised as a mod which ported 4 levels from Super Mario 64 as an April Fools joke. Yes
HD Texture Pack for Dolphin Joey Player Experience GameCube 2019.11.24 2019.11.24 An HD texture pack for BFBB on Dolphin (emulator). No
Xbox UI Jtheman07 Player Experience GameCube 2019.10.22 2019.10.22 Patch that replaces the GameCube interface with the Xbox one. Great for playing with an Xbox controller. No
Waterfall SFX Patch Jtheman07 Audio GameCube 2019.08.25 2019.08.25 Patch that changes the loud waterfall SFX in Kelp Forest and Jellyfish Fields to a more gentle sound. No
Beta HUD Restoration NickTheLegend Player Experience GameCube 2019.06.20 2019.06.20 Restoration of the game's beta HUD.

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