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Attack Table
Games usedThe Incredibles



class zAttackTableAsset
    unsigned short sectionCount;
    unsigned short entryCount;
    unsigned short transitionCount;
    unsigned short stateCount;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 u16 sectionCount Amount of zAttackTableSection
0x02 u16 entryCount Amount of zAttackTableEntry
0x04 u16 transitionCount Amount of zAttackTableTransition
0x06 u16 stateCount Amount of zAttackTableState


class zAttackTableSection
    unsigned int section;
    unsigned short start;
    unsigned short count;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 u32 section
0x04 u16 start
0x06 u16 count


class zAttackTableEntry
    unsigned int animationStateID;
    xAnimState* animationState;
    unsigned short animationStart;
    unsigned short animationCount;
    unsigned short start;
    unsigned short count;
    unsigned short onFlags;
    unsigned short offFlags;
    unsigned char input;
    unsigned char power;
    unsigned char pad0;
    unsigned char pad1;
    float startTime;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 u32 animationStateID
0x04 u32 animationState
0x08 u16 animationStart
0x0A u16 animationCount
0x0C u16 start
0x0E u16 count
0x10 u16 onFlags
0x12 u16 offFlags
0x14 u8 input
0x15 u8 power
0x16 u8[2] pad
0x18 f32 startTime


class zAttackTableTransition
    unsigned int sourceState;
    unsigned int destinationState;
    float sourceTime;
    float throughTime;
    float destinationTime;
    float blendTime;
    unsigned int flags;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 u32 sourceState
0x04 u32 destinationState
0x08 f32 sourceTime
0x0C f32 throughTime
0x10 f32 destinationTime
0x14 f32 blendTime
0x18 u32 flags


class zAttackTableState
    unsigned int state;
    float moveDistanceZ;
    float moveDistanceY;
    float moveTime;
    float attackStart;
    float attackEnd;
    float attackRadius;
    hitBoneInfo hitBone[4];
    signed short damage;
    unsigned short source;
    unsigned short effect;
    unsigned short hitEffect;
    float effectStart;
    float effectEnd;
    effectBone effectBoneOutside[2];
    effectBone effectBoneInside[2];
    zAnimCacheEntry* bonePositions[2];
    float rumbleStartTime;
    unsigned int rumbleEmitterID;
    unsigned int shrapID;
    zShrapnelAsset* shrapAsset;
    float shrapStartTime;
    float velocityUp;
    float velocityAway;
    unsigned int flags;
    float holdTime;
    float jumpBreakTime;
    float crouchBreakTime;
    float turnLockStart;
    float turnLockStop;
    float climaxTime;
    xVec3 climaxOffset;
    float drainRate;
    float blurStart;
    float blurEnd;
    float blurLife;
    float blurAlpha;
    float blurFadeInTime;
    float blurFadeOutTime;
    signed short flashAlpha;
    float flashTime;
    float comboBonus;
    signed short comboType;
    signed short powerBonus;
class hitBoneInfo
    unsigned short bone;
    xVec3 boneOffset;
    signed short atomic;
class effectBone
    unsigned short bone;
    xVec3* pos;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 u32 state
0x04 f32 moveDistanceZ
0x08 f32 moveDistanceY
0x0C f32 moveTime
0x10 f32 attackStart
0x14 f32 attackEnd
0x18 f32 attackRadius
0x1C hitBoneInfo[4] hitBone
0x00 u16 bone
0x02 u16 padding
0x04 Vector3 boneOffset
0x10 s16 atomic
0x12 s16 padding
0x6C s16 damage
0x6E u16 source
0x70 u16 effect
0x72 u16 hitEffect
0x74 f32 effectStart
0x78 f32 effectEnd
0x7C effectBone[2] effectBoneOutside
0x00 u16 bone
0x02 u8[2] padding
0x04 u32 pos This is a Vector3 in dwarf but always a int32 (0).
0x8C effectBone[2] effectBoneInside
0x00 u16 bone
0x02 u8[2] padding
0x04 u32 pos This is a Vector3 in dwarf but always a int32 (0).
0x9C zAnimCacheEntry*[2] bonePositions null (int32)
0xA4 f32 rumbleStartTime
0xA8 u32 rumbleEmitterID
0xAC u32 shrapID
0xB0 zShrapnelAsset* shrapAsset null (int32)
0xB4 f32 shrapStartTime
0xB8 f32 velocityUp
0xBC f32 velocityAway
0xC0 u32 flags
0xC4 f32 holdTime
0xC8 f32 jumpBreakTime
0xCC f32 crouchBreakTime
0xD0 f32 turnLockStart
0xD4 f32 turnLockStop
0xD8 f32 climaxTime
0xDC Vector3 climaxOffset
0xE8 f32 drainRate
0xEC f32 blurStart
0xF0 f32 blurEnd
0xF4 f32 blurLife
0xF8 f32 blurAlpha
0xFC f32 blurFadeInTime
0x100 f32 blurFadeOutTime
0x104 s16 flashAlpha
0x106 u8[2] padding
0x108 f32 flashTime
0x10C f32 comboBonus
0x110 s16 comboType
0x112 s16 powerBonus