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Destructible Object
Base Type0x1B
Games usedNight of 100 Frights
Battle for Bikini Bottom
Source codezEntDestructObj.h

This asset defines an entry for a destructible object.


Destructables are entity assets, so they start with their 0x54 byte header, then are followed by:

Note: the asset ID at 0x50 (in the Placeable header) refers to an animation.

Offset Type Variable Description
0x54 float animSpeed
0x58 unsigned int initAnimState
0x5C unsigned int health always 1
0x60 AssetID spawnItemID
0x64 unsigned int dflags hit mask?
0x68 char collType usually 0 or 2
0x69 char fxType usually 0, 1, or 2
0x6A char[2] pad padding
0x6C float blast_radius
0x70 float blast_strength
0x74 AssetID (Shrapnel) shrapnelID_destroy Not present in Scooby
0x78 AssetID (Shrapnel) shrapnelID_hit Not present in Scooby
0x7C AssetID (SFX) sfx_destroy Not present in Scooby
0x80 AssetID (SFX) sfx_hit Not present in Scooby
0x84 AssetID (Model) hitModel Not present in Scooby
0x88 AssetID (Model) destroyModel Not present in Scooby
0x8C Event[numberOfEvents] Events