The Incredibles

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Name GameID Region, Language
The Incredibles NTSC-U, EN
Mr. Incredible NTSC-J, JPN
The Incredibles PAL, EN
The Incredibles PAL, FR/NL
The Incredibles PAL (Scandinavia), DA/SV/NO/FI
Gli Incredibili PAL, IT
Los Increíbles PAL, ES
Die Unglaublichen PAL, DE
Playstation 2
The Incredibles SLUS-20905 NTSC-U, EN
Mr. Incredible SLPM-65759 NTSC-J, JPN
Mr. Incredible SLKA-25226 NTSC-K, KOR
The Incredibles SLES-52812 PAL, EN
The Incredibles SLES-52813 PAL, FR/NL
Gli Incredibili SLES-52814 PAL, IT
Die Unglaublichen SLES-52815 PAL, DE
Los Increíbles SLES-52816 PAL, ES
The Incredibles SLES-52820 PAL (Scandinavia), DA/SV/NO/FI
The Incredibles: Os Super-Heróis SLES-52821 PAL, PT
The Incredibles GICE78 NTSC-U, EN
Mr. Incredible GICJG9 NTSC-J, JPN
The Incredibles GICP78 PAL, EN/ES
The Incredibles GICH78 PAL, NL
Les Indestructibles GICF78 PAL, FR
2 Games in 1: Les Indestructibles/Nemo GU2F78 PAL, FR
Die Unglaublichen GICD78 PAL, DE
2 Games in 1: Die Unglaublichen/Nemo GU2D78 PAL, DE

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