DYNA/game object:RubbleGenerator

From Heavy Iron Modding

Games usedThe Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 uint flags
0x04 uint spawnFrom
0x08 uint spawnTo
0x0C uint modelCount
0x10 uint modelOffset
0x14 float spawnRate
0x18 uint spawnLimit
0x1C float minVelocity
0x20 float maxVelocity
0x24 uint minRotations
0x28 uint maxrotations
0x2C zRubbleLandType landEffectType
0x30 uint repeatType
0x34 SGRP launchSoundGroupId SoundGroup_AssetID
0x38 SGRP landSoundGroupId SoundGroup_AssetID