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Base Type0x23
Games usedNight of 100 Frights


LobMasters are base assets, so they start with their 0x8 byte header, then are followed by:

struct zLobMasterAsset : p2BaseAsset
	int32 lobMasterType;
	uint32 projectileTypeID;
	_xVec3 pos_launch;
	_xVec3 rot_launch;
	float32 spd_launch;
	float32 spd_randPct;
	_xVec3 scl_model;
	int32 flg_enablers;
	float32 tym_maxlife;
	float32 dst_maxdist;
	uint32 aid_mvptID;
	int32 cnt_salvo;
	int32 cnt_ammo;
	float32 fac_arccoeff;
	int32 ang_debrisCone;
	int32 numBounce;
	int32 typ_powerup;
	float32 heavyFactor;
	_xVec3 tumbleRotation;
	float32 collideDelay;
	float32 atRestPeriod;
	uint32 mode;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x08 int32 lobMasterType
0x0C PRJT projectileTypeID PRJT_AssetID
0x10 Vector3 pos_launch
0x1C Vector3 rot_launch
0x28 float32 spd_launch
0x2C float32 spd_randPct
0x30 Vector3 scl_model
0x3C int32 flg_enablers
0x40 float32 tym_maxlife
0x44 float32 dst_maxdist
0x48 MVPT aid_mvptID MovePoint_AssetID
0x4C int32 cnt_salvo
0x50 int32 cnt_ammo
0x54 float32 fac_arccoeff
0x58 int32 ang_debrisCone
0x5C int32 numBounce
0x60 int32 typ_powerup
0x64 float32 heavyFactor
0x68 Vector3 tumbleRotation
0x74 float32 collideDelay
0x78 float32 atRestPeriod
0x7C uint32 mode