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Games usedThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer

Ratatouille Prototype


Inherits from DYNA/zUIAsset

class zUIBoxAsset : public zUIAsset
    Part parts[9];
    float borderWidth;
    float borderHeight;
    float widthPerUV;
    float heightPerUV;
    float centerWidthPerUV;
    float centerHeightPerUV;
    unsigned char scaleHSide;
    unsigned char scaleVSide;
    unsigned char scaleCenter;
    unsigned char stretchUVsOnMotionScale;
    unsigned char forceAlphaWrite;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x200 f32 borderWidth
0x204 f32 borderHeight
0x208 f32 widthPerUV
0x20C f32 heightPerUV
0x210 f32 centerWidthPerUV
0x214 f32 centerHeightPerUV
0x218 u8 scaleHSide
0x219 u8 scaleVSide
0x21A u8 scaleCenter
0x21B u8 stretchUVsOnMotionScale
0x21C u8 forceAlphaWrite
0x21D u8[3] null padding


class Part
    unsigned int image;
    xColor_tag color;
    float u1;
    float v1;
    float u2;
    float v2;
    float u3;
    float v3;
    float u4;
    float v4;
    signed int rotation;
    unsigned char enabled;
    unsigned char pad[3];
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 RWTX image Texture_AssetID
0x04 Color color
0x08 f32 u1
0x0C f32 v1
0x10 f32 u2
0x14 f32 v2
0x18 f32 u3
0x1C f32 v3
0x20 f32 u4
0x24 f32 v4
0x28 s32 rotation
0x2C u8 enabled
0x2D pad[3] padding