EvilEngine/DYNA/effect:spark emitter

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Games usedRise of the Underminer
Ratatouille Prototype


struct zSparkEmitterAsset : xDynAsset
    typedef int VERSION;

    float update_distance;
    unsigned int texture;
    unsigned int flags;
    unsigned int attach_obj_id;
    xVec3 position;
    int num_sparks;
    float period;
    float period_rand;
    float lifetime_min;
    float lifetime_rand;
    float yaw;
    float pitch;
    float dir_vary;
    float velocity_min;
    float velocity_rand;
    float gravity;
    float size_min;
    float size_rand;
    glintInfo glint;
    lightInfo light;
    unsigned int soundAsset;
struct glintInfo
    unsigned int texture;
    float length_min;
    float length_rand;
    float length_max;
struct lightInfo
    _xFColor lightColor;
    float radius;
    float up;
    float max;
    float down;
class _xFColor
    float r;
    float g;
    float b;
    float a;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x10 f32 update_distance
0x14 AssetID texture RWTexture
0x18 u32 flags
0x1C AssetID attach_obj_id
0x20 Vector3 position
0x2C s32 num_sparks
0x30 f32 period
0x34 f32 period_rand
0x38 f32 lifetime_min
0x3C f32 lifetime_rand
0x40 f32 yaw
0x44 f32 pitch
0x48 f32 dir_vary
0x4C f32 velocity_min
0x50 f32 velocity_rand
0x54 f32 gravity
0x58 32 size_min
0x5C 32 size_rand
0x60 AssetID texture RWTexture
0x64 f32 length_min
0x68 f32 length_rand
0x6C f32 length_max
0x70 f32 r
0x74 f32 g
0x78 f32 b
0x7C f32 a
0x80 f32 radius
0x84 f32 up
0x88 f32 max
0x8C f32 down
0x90 AssetID soundAsset