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Games usedBattle for Bikini Bottom

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles

Rise of the Underminer
Source codexCM.h



Offset Type Description
0x00 byte[4] 0xBEEEEEEF
0x04 int unknown = 256
0x08 int null
0x0C int unknown = 1
0x10 float Duration in seconds. After this it loops
0x14 int size of CRDT asset

Section entry (keep reading entries till end of file):

Offset Type Description
0x00 int Size of section entry
0x04 float Duration of section in seconds
0x08 int unknown - Alternates between 0 and 1
0x0C float unknown
0x10 float Start Y - percentage of screen (0 to 1)
0x14 float unknown
0x18 float End Y
0x1C float unknown
0x20 float unknown
0x24 float Fade In Start - percentage of title time range (0 to 1)
0x28 float Fade In End
0x2C float Fade Out Start
0x30 float Fade Out End
0x34 int Number of Styles

Style entry:

Offset Type Description
0x00 short[2] unknown
0x04 float[2] unknown
struct (x2) - 1st one is for text, 2nd is for backdrop maybe?
0x00 int null
0x04 Color Color
0x08 float Char Width in pixels
0x0C float Char Height in pixels
0x10 float[2] unknown - always 0
0x18 float Max Screen Width - percentage of screen (0 to 1)
0x1C float Max Screen Height maybe?

Title entry (keep reading entries till end of section):

Offset Type Description
0x00 int Size of title entry
0x04 int Style index
0x08 float Start Time - absolute time from beginning of credits
0x0C float End Time
0x10 int File offset of text
0x14 int null
0x18 string Text
byte[] Padding - 0x00 (null) bytes, 4-byte alignment