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Games usedThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Rise of the Underminer

Ratatouille Prototype

This object defines a vent (steam emitter).

Vents have 3 states:

  • Idle - not shooting steam
  • Warn - shoots a little steam to warn the player
  • Damage - shoots steam at full blast and damages the player when they touch it

Vents have a damage area in the shape of a box, similar to a box TRIG. You can specify the lower and upper corners of the box, which are relative to the vent's origin/position and rotated by the vent's rotation.

Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 Asset ID game_object:VentType Vent type Asset ID
0x04 Vector3 Position X, Y, Z
0x10 Vector3 Rotation Yaw, Pitch, Roll
0x1C Vector3 Damage box - lower corner Lower corner offset of the damage box
0x28 Vector3 Damage box - upper corner Upper corner offset of the damage box
0x34 float boulderInfluence How fast it will push boulders (SpongeBall, SpongeBowl, etc.) during the damage state
0x38 uint Flags
  • 0x1 - Break Boulders - Vent will send Hit to any boulder that touches it, except for the SpongeBall. This will cause the SpongeBowl to detonate on impact. Boulder push speed must be above 0.
  • 0x2 - Automatic - If enabled, vent will cycle through its 3 states automatically. If disabled, vent will stay in Idle state and you can send VentSetStateXXX events to it to manually change its state.
  • 0x4 - Damage Spongeball - Vent will damage SpongeBall, though only once, and you won't pop out of SpongeBall.
0x3C float Idle time How long the vent will stay in idle state
0x40 float Warn time How long the vent will stay in warning state
0x44 float Damage time How long the vent will stay in damage state



Sets the vent to idle state. Note: this is bugged, it doesn't stop the current sound. Use VentSetStateIdle instead.

Scene Finish

Same as Reset.


Sets the vent to idle state.


Sets the vent to warning state.


Sets the vent to damage state.


Turns the vent off. You can send any VentSetStateXXX event to turn it back on.