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Games usedThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The Incredibles

Rise of the Underminer

This asset defines an entry for a destructible object.


Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 int minfID MINF_AssetID
0x04 int nstates Number of States. Always 1 in TSSM
0x08 int hit_points Always 1 in TSSM
0x0C int hit_filter Always 2 in TSSM
0x10 int launchFlag
0x14 int behaviour Always 11 in TSSM
0x18 int flags
0x1C int soundgroupidleID SoundGroup used when idle
0x20 float respawn
0x24 char target_priority Always 1 in TSSM
0x25 char null Always 0
0x26 char null Always 0
0x27 char null Always 0
0x28 int percent Usually 1 in TSSM
0x2C MODL modelID Changes the destructible's model into this model when destroyed.
0x30 SHRP shrapnelID Shrapnel used when destroyed
0x34 SHRP shrapnelhitID Shrapnel used when hit
0x38 SGRP soundgroupidleID SoundGroup used when idling
0x3C SGRP soundgroupfxID
0x40 SGRP soundgrouphitID SoundGroup used when hit
0x44 SGRP soundgroupfxIDswitch
0x48 SGRP soundgrouphitIDswitch
0x4C DynaID rumbleIDhit Dyna Effect Rumble
0x50 DynaID rumbleIDswitch Dyna Effect Rumble
0x54 int fx_flags sfx flags
0x58 int nanimations Set to 1 enables animation
0x5C ANIM animationID Usually 0xFDFDFDFD in TSSM: 31, 32 and 63 in The Incredibles