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This page contains information on how textures are stored in the games.

Textures are contained in RWTX assets. Each HOP file (sometimes the HIP) contains multiple RWTX assets, each corresponding to one texture.


Texture Format
Games usedNight of 100 Frights

Battle for Bikini Bottom
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles

Rise of the Underminer
Source coderwcore.h

The data of the RWTX asset is actually a TXD archive containing only one texture. It's unknown if one RWTX asset can contain multiple textures, but this is likely not done in the games.


.RW3 is not a file format, extension, or texture format, but rather an identifier.

There are two "styles" of RWTX: the ones with .RW3 appended to the end of the texture name, and the ones without. Internally, both are the same, but the textures with .RW3 are the ones used by the game's models for rendering (BSP, JSP and MODL) while the ones without are used in other spaces, usually for rendering on screen space instead of world space (such as inside TEXTs, in UI, UIFT and other asset types).

This works in a system such that, if a texture is named "example_texture", then the model using that texture will contain a reference to a texture named "example_texture", but the RWTX asset of the texture will be named "example_texture.RW3". This must be done in order for the game to find the texture; Industrial Park can do this automatically for you when importing or replacing textures and models.


TXD is an archive file format used to contain textures in RenderWare games. One single TXD file can contain multiple textures; RWTX assets are TXDs with only one. Magic.TXD is a tool which can open and edit TXD files.

Industrial Park has a function that allows you to import or export all RWTX assets from a given HIP/HOP archive into a TXD; it does this by merging all RWTXs into one TXD (for export) then separating them into multiple RWTXs (for import). You can choose to do this to only the assets which have .RW3 at the end or only to the ones which don't. This should make it easier for you to edit the textures.


RWTEX is a file format used internally by Magic.TXD to contain only one texture. A RWTEX is a part of a TXD and doesn't function by itself, and it should not be confused with RWTX. You can export and import RWTEXs from Magic.TXD and Industrial Park can also work with this format. RWTEXs do not work by themselves as RWTX assets.

RenderWare Versions[edit]

Each game/platform combination will use a different, specific format on its textures, and if it's incorrect, the texture will not load ingame. This format can be changed in Magic.TXD and it's common for it to reset itself (specially if you delete all textures from a TXD before adding new ones), so you might need to set it yourself again.

GameCube Xbox PS2 PC
Scooby-Doo: Night of 100 Frights Gamecube
Battle for Bikini Bottom Gamecube
The Incredibles, Movie Game, ROTU Gamecube