EvilEngine/DYNA/game object:talk box

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Games usedBattle for Bikini Bottom

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The Incredibles
Source codezTalkBox.h
Offset Type Description
0x00 AssetID (game_object:text_box) dialog_box
0x04 AssetID (game_object:text_box) prompt_box
0x08 AssetID (game_object:text_box) quit_box
0x0C char/bool trap
0x0D char/bool pause
0x0E char/bool allow_quit
0x0F char/bool trigger_pads
0x10 char/bool page
0x11 char/bool show
0x12 char/bool hide
0x13 char/bool audio_effect
0x14 AssetID (pointer) teleport
0x18 char/bool auto_wait.type.time
0x19 char/bool auto_wait.type.prompt
0x1A char/bool auto_wait.type.sound
0x1B char/bool auto_wait.type.event
0x1C float auto_wait.delay
0x20 int auto_wait.which_event
0x24 AssetID (Text) prompt.skip
0x28 AssetID (Text) prompt.noskip
0x2C AssetID (Text) prompt.quit
0x30 AssetID (Text) prompt.noquit
0x34 AssetID (Text) prompt.yesno