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All download links are either to packs of HIP/HOP files (which you must replace yourself in an extracted game) or patch files which you must use BFBB Patch Tool to apply.

Mod Name Author Type Platform Release Last updated Description
Remy's Ravenous Romp Pepperpot Level GameCube 2023.09.09 2023.09.09 Platforming level based on the dream worlds in Asobo's Ratatouille, created for the Parkour Modding Challenge.
Test Platforms actualchatterteeth Level GameCube 2023.03.19 2023.03.19 Test level that includes all of the test blocks, cylinders, pipes, platforms, and ramps that I could find within the two playable levels in RatProto.
Pass the Linguini actualchatterteeth Level GameCube 2022.12.29 2022.12.29 Pass the Linguini across the table during dinner time.
Poor Pirates actualchatterteeth Level GameCube 2022.06.25 2022.06.25 Board a pirate ship to gather the scattered cheese supply and save the pirates from starvation.