EvilEngine/DYNA/Scene Properties

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Scene Properties
Games usedThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer

Ratatouille Prototype
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 int idle03ExtraCount
0x04 Anim ID idle03Extras always 52
0x08 int idle04ExtraCount
0x0C Anim ID idle04Extras always 52
0x10 byte bombCount always 20
0x11 byte extraIdleDelay always 5
0x12 byte hdrGlow varies
0x13 byte hdrDarken varies
0x14 SND/SNDS musicID Background music for the level.
0x18 int flags always 0 or 1
0x1C float waterTileWidth
0x20 float lodFadeDistance always 4
0x24 int padding[4]