EvilEngine/DYNA/effect:Lens Flare Source

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effect:Lens Flare Source
Games usedThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer

Ratatouille Prototype


Unused in SpongeBob Movie, Rise of the Underminer, and Ratatouille Prototype but is still supported.

struct xScrFxLensFlareSourceAsset : xDynAsset
	uint32 object;
	uint32 elementID;
	xScrFxLensFlareElement** elementArray;
	uint32 numElements;
	float32 size;
	float32 intensity;
	float32 coneAngle;
	uint32 distanceAttenuationMode;
Offset Type Variable Description
0x10 u32 object
0x14 u32 elementID
0x18 xScrFxLensFlareElement elementArray
0x1C u32 numElements
0x20 f32 size
0x24 f32 intensity
0x28 f32 coneAngle
0x2C u32 distanceAttenuationMode