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Base Type0x2B
Games usedBattle for Bikini Bottom
The Incredibles
Source codezNPCTypeCommon.h

This asset defines an entry for an NPC, enemy, tiki and others.


VIL are entity assets, so they start with their 0x54 byte header, then are followed by:

Offset Type Variable Description
0x54 int npcFlags
0x58 int npcModel See Models (BFBB) below
0x5C AssetID npcProps game_object:NPCSettings
0x60 AssetID movepoint MVPT
0x64 AssetID taskWidgetPrime DYNA
0x68 AssetID taskWidgetSecond DYNA
0x6C Event[numberOfEvents] Events

Models (BFBB)

ID Type Internal name
5FD123F5 Fodder robot_0a_fodder_bind
A3A4A769 Bomb-Bot robot_0a_bomb_bind
8261AFFB Chomp-Bot robot_0a_chomper_bind
A1631FFD Bzzt-Bot robot_0a_bzzt_bind
A944368C Ham-Mer ham_bind
A217899A Unused hamspin_bind
0FC4B05C Tar-Tar robot_tar_bind
764CF576 G-Love g_love_bind
3D15C952 Monsoon robot_4a_monsoon_bind
5BA6E135 Sleepy-Time robot_sleepy-time_bind
5BAF15D7 Arf Dog robot_arf_dog_bind
68E03F90 Arf robot_arf_bind
A12CD18D Chuck robot_chuck_bind
D7A7D3A5 Tubelet tubelet_bind
EF2450C9 Tubelet Slave tubelet_slave_bind
C3EBC377 Slick robot_9a_bind
FB532857 Unused critter_a_bind
F6D773CA Unused critter_b_bind
F25BBF3D Unused critter_c_bind
EDE00AB0 Unused critter_d_bind
E9645623 Unused critter_e_bind
E4E8A196 Unused critter_f_bind
E06CED09 Unused critter_g_bind
DBF1387C Unused critter_h_bind
D77583EF Unused critter_i_bind
D2F9CF62 Unused critter_j_bind
CE7E1AD5 Unused critter_k_bind
CA026648 Unused critter_l_bind
C586B1BB Unused critter_m_bind
C10AFD2E Unused critter_n_bind
BC8F48A1 Unused critter_o_bind
B8139414 Unused critter_p_bind
B397DF87 Unused critter_q_bind
AF1C2AFA Unused critter_r_bind
AAA0766D Unused critter_s_bind
A624C1E0 Unused critter_t_bind
A1A90D53 Unused critter_u_bind
9D2D58C6 Unused critter_v_bind
98B1A439 Unused critter_w_bind
9435EFAC Unused critter_x_bind
8FBA3B1F Unused critter_y_bind
8B3E8692 Unused critter_z_bind
3970AB97 Duplicatotron 1000 duplicatotron1000_bind
19D945B6 Flying Dutchman Boss dutchman_bind
F58D78D2 King Jellyfish Boss king_jelly_bind
22F462DA Prawn Boss prawn_bind
C8448290 Robo-Sandy Boss boss_sa_bind
CF3BCEA4 Robo-Patrick Boss boss_patrick_bind
0BA53F51 Muscle-Bob Boss boss_sb_muscle_bind
DDDFF654 Robo-Sponge Boss boss_sb_body_bind
A6C46DA9 Robo-Plankton plankton_boss_bind
3914EC2E Wooden Tiki tiki_wooden_bind
C1208F79 Floating/Lovey-Dovey Tiki tiki_lovey_dovey_bind
B378B961 Shhh Tiki tiki_shhhh_bind
DFF6B2B8 Thunder Tiki tiki_thunder_bind
6DB301F7 Stone Tiki tiki_stone_bind
66CC02E1 Pink Jellyfish jellyfish_pink_bind
79D3F271 Blue Jellyfish jellyfish_blue_bind
D14C45B3 King Neptune king_neptune_bind
5CE9F999 Unused mime_fish_bind
0936EEB1 Unused cow_bind
4FD1353E Squidward squidward_bind_01
9742CE78 Unused squidward_music_bind_01
0AE61BFA Squidward (band-aids) squidward_bandaid_bind_01
95D046DD Flying Dutchman dutchman_notsubboss_bind
8D4F38F7 Mr. Krabs mr_krabs_bind
C61F8F94 Mrs. Puff mspuffs_bind
235628B3 Gary gary_bind
FBAC5B15 Bubble Buddy bubble_buddy_bind
774602DE Sandy (bikini) sandy_bikini_bind
D1BC2FA9 Sandy sandy_npc_bind
7362A2AC Patrick patrick_npc_bind
A92E3C8F Unused spongebob_npc_bind
51B1A425 Unused plankton_npc_bind
75B45673 Plankton plankton_bind
4BBC3503 Unused motorist_bind
71C779F9 Unused worm_bind
B504D90C Mermaid Man mermaid_man_bind
09D80036 Mermaid Man (chair) mermaid_man_chair_bind
E8A70701 Barnacle Boy barnacle_boy_bind
EB1A1149 Newscaster (Bosses) newscaster_bind
202BFC36 Newscaster (TV) newscaster_tv_bind
07B910CE Larry the Lobster larry_lobster_bind
4AC1D50F Old Fish A (Shady Shoals) oldfish_A_bind
46462082 Old Fish B (Shady Shoals) oldfish_B_bind
41CA6BF5 Old Fish C (Shady Shoals) oldfish_C_bind
B2ED753A Fish A fish_a_bind
700765CB Fish A-1 fish_a_bind01
700765CC Unused fish_a_bind02
700765CD Unused fish_a_bind03
0B6F62EB Fish A-1 (Goo Lagoon) fish_a_beach_bind01
0B6F62EC Unused fish_a_beach_bind02
0B6F62ED Fish A-3 (Goo Lagoon) fish_a_beach_bind03
3826A197 Fish A-1 (Kelp Forest) fish_a_camp_bind01
3826A198 Unused fish_a_camp_bind02
3826A199 Unused fish_a_camp_bind03
A3FA0CCC Fish A-1 (Rock Bottom) fish_a_rb_bind01
A3FA0CCD Unused fish_a_rb_bind02
A3FA0CCE Unused fish_a_rb_bind03
DD40F9BD Fish A-1 (Sand Mountain) fish_a_snow_bind01
DD40F9BE Fish A-2 (Sand Mountain) fish_a_snow_bind02
DD40F9BF Fish A-3 (Sand Mountain) fish_a_snow_bind03
AE71C0AD Fish B fish_b_bind
E76D25D6 Fish B-1 fish_b_bind01
E76D25D7 Unused fish_b_bind02
E76D25D8 Unused fish_b_bind03
1F9BD53E Unused fish_b_beach_bind01
1F9BD53F Fish B-2 (Goo Lagoon) fish_b_beach_bind02
1F9BD540 Unused fish_b_beach_bind03
78CB1F88 Unused fish_b_camp_bind01
78CB1F89 Unused fish_b_camp_bind02
78CB1F8A Fish B-3 (Kelp Forest) fish_b_camp_bind03
0ACEA275 Fish B-1 (Rock Bottom) fish_b_rb_bind01
0ACEA276 Unused fish_b_rb_bind02
0ACEA277 Unused fish_b_rb_bind03
1DE577AE Fish B-1 (Sand Mountain) fish_b_snow_bind01
1DE577AF Fish B-2 (Sand Mountain) fish_b_snow_bind02
1DE577B0 Unused fish_b_snow_bind03
A9F60C20 Fish C fish_c_bind
5ED2E5E1 Unused fish_c_bind01
5ED2E5E2 Fish C-2 fish_c_bind02
5ED2E5E3 Unused fish_c_bind03
33C84791 Unused fish_c_beach_bind01
33C84792 Unused fish_c_beach_bind02
33C84793 Fish C-3 (Goo Lagoon) fish_c_beach_bind03
B96F9D79 Unused fish_c_camp_bind01
B96F9D7A Unused fish_c_camp_bind02
B96F9D7B Unused fish_c_camp_bind03
71A3381E Fish C-1 (Rock Bottom) fish_c_rb_bind01
71A3381F Unused fish_c_rb_bind02
71A33820 Unused fish_c_rb_bind03
5E89F59F Fish C-1 (Sand Mountain) fish_c_snow_bind01
5E89F5A0 Fish C-2 (Sand Mountain) fish_c_snow_bind02
5E89F5A1 Fish C-3 (Sand Mountain) fish_c_snow_bind03
A57A5793 Fish D fish_d_bind
D638A5EC Unused fish_d_bind01
D638A5ED Unused fish_d_bind02
D638A5EE Unused fish_d_bind03
47F4B9E4 Fish D-1 (Goo Lagoon) fish_d_beach_bind01
47F4B9E5 Unused fish_d_beach_bind02
47F4B9E6 Unused fish_d_beach_bind03
FA141B6A Unused fish_d_camp_bind01
FA141B6B Unused fish_d_camp_bind02
FA141B6C Fish D-3 (Kelp Forest) fish_d_camp_bind03
D877CDC7 Fish D-1 (Rock Bottom) fish_d_rb_bind01
D877CDC8 Unused fish_d_rb_bind02
D877CDC9 Unused fish_d_rb_bind03
9F2E7390 Fish D-1 (Sand Mountain) fish_d_snow_bind01
9F2E7391 Fish D-2 (Sand Mountain) fish_d_snow_bind02
9F2E7392 Unused fish_d_snow_bind03
17A440EC Fish D Balloon Kid (Goo Lagoon) fish_d_balloon_kid_bind
A0FEA306 Fish E fish_e_bind
4D9E65F7 Unused fish_e_bind01
4D9E65F8 Fish E-2 fish_e_bind02
4D9E65F9 Unused fish_e_bind03
5C212C37 Unused fish_e_beach_bind01
5C212C38 Unused fish_e_beach_bind02
5C212C39 Unused fish_e_beach_bind03
3AB8995B Unused fish_e_camp_bind01
3AB8995C Unused fish_e_camp_bind02
3AB8995D Unused fish_e_camp_bind03
3F4C6370 Fish E-1 (Rock Bottom) fish_e_rb_bind01
3F4C6371 Unused fish_e_rb_bind02
3F4C6372 Unused fish_e_rb_bind03
DFD2F181 Fish E-1 (Sand Mountain) fish_e_snow_bind01
DFD2F182 Fish E-2 (Sand Mountain) fish_e_snow_bind02
DFD2F183 Fish E-3 (Sand Mountain) fish_e_snow_bind03
9C82EE79 Fish F fish_f_bind
C5042602 Fish F-1 fish_f_bind01
C5042603 Fish F-2 fish_f_bind02
C5042604 Unused fish_f_bind03
704D9E8A Unused fish_f_beach_bind01
704D9E8B Unused fish_f_beach_bind02
704D9E8C Unused fish_f_beach_bind03
7B5D174C Unused fish_f_camp_bind01
7B5D174D Unused fish_f_camp_bind02
7B5D174E Unused fish_f_camp_bind03
A620F919 Unused fish_f_rb_bind01
A620F91A Unused fish_f_rb_bind02
A620F91B Unused fish_f_rb_bind03
20776F72 Fish F-1 (Sand Mountain) fish_f_snow_bind01
20776F73 Unused fish_f_snow_bind02
20776F74 Unused fish_f_snow_bind03
980739EC Fish G fish_g_bind
3C69E60D Fish G-1 fish_g_bind01
3C69E60E Unused fish_g_bind02
3C69E60F Unused fish_g_bind03
847A10DD Unused fish_g_beach_bind01
847A10DE Unused fish_g_beach_bind02
847A10DF Unused fish_g_beach_bind03
BC01953D Unused fish_g_camp_bind01
BC01953E Fish G-2 (Kelp Forest) fish_g_camp_bind02
BC01953F Unused fish_g_camp_bind03
0CF58EC2 Unused fish_g_rb_bind01
0CF58EC3 Unused fish_g_rb_bind02
0CF58EC4 Unused fish_g_rb_bind03
611BED63 Fish G-1 (Sand Mountain) fish_g_snow_bind01
611BED64 Unused fish_g_snow_bind02
611BED65 Fish G-3 (Sand Mountain) fish_g_snow_bind03
938B855F Unused fish_h_bind
B3CFA618 Fish H-1 fish_h_bind01
B3CFA619 Unused fish_h_bind02
B3CFA61A Unused fish_h_bind03
98A68330 Unused fish_h_beach_bind01
98A68331 Unused fish_h_beach_bind02
98A68332 Unused fish_h_beach_bind03
1A5784AE Unused fish_h_ranger_bind01
73CA246B Unused fish_h_rb_bind01
73CA246C Unused fish_h_rb_bind02
73CA246D Unused fish_h_rb_bind03
021014F1 Unused fish_h_rb02_bind01
021014F2 Unused fish_h_rb02_bind02
021014F3 Unused fish_h_rb02_bind03
A1C06B54 Fish H-1 (Sand Mountain) fish_h_snow_bind01
A1C06B55 Unused fish_h_snow_bind02
A1C06B56 Fish H-3 (Sand Mountain) fish_h_snow_bind03
8F0FD0D2 Fish I fish_i_bind
2B356623 Fish I-1 fish_i_bind01
2B356624 Unused fish_i_bind02
2B356625 Unused fish_i_bind03
ACD2F583 Unused fish_i_beach_bind01
ACD2F584 Unused fish_i_beach_bind02
ACD2F585 Unused fish_i_beach_bind03
3D4A911F Unused fish_i_camp_bind01
3D4A9120 Unused fish_i_camp_bind02
3D4A9121 Unused fish_i_camp_bind03
DA9EBA14 Unused fish_i_rb_bind01
DA9EBA15 Unused fish_i_rb_bind02
DA9EBA16 Unused fish_i_rb_bind03
E264E945 Fish I-1 (Sand Mountain) fish_i_snow_bind01
E264E946 Unused fish_i_snow_bind02
E264E947 Unused fish_i_snow_bind03
8A941C45 Fish J fish_j_bind
A29B262E Fish J-1 fish_j_bind01
A29B262F Unused fish_j_bind02
A29B2630 Unused fish_j_bind03
C0FF67D6 Fish J-1 (Goo Lagoon) fish_j_beach_bind01
C0FF67D7 Unused fish_j_beach_bind02
C0FF67D8 Unused fish_j_beach_bind03
7DEF0F10 Fish J-1 (Kelp Forest) fish_j_camp_bind01
7DEF0F11 Unused fish_j_camp_bind02
7DEF0F12 Unused fish_j_camp_bind03
41734FBD Unused fish_j_rb_bind01
41734FBE Unused fish_j_rb_bind02
41734FBF Unused fish_j_rb_bind03
23096736 Fish J-1 (Sand Mountain) fish_j_snow_bind01
23096737 Unused fish_j_snow_bind02
23096738 Unused fish_j_snow_bind03
FF6460AE Unused fish_h_fried_bind


Enemy HIP files contains all the files needed for an enemy to be used ingame. It can be easily added using Edit>Import HIP Archive