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Camera Curve
Base Type0x8D
Games usedRise of the Underminer
Ratatouille Prototype


CCRV are base assets, so they start with their 0x8 byte header, then are followed by:

struct zCameraCurveAsset : xBaseAsset
    unsigned char mVersion;
    unsigned char pad[3];
    int mCameraType;
    unsigned int mFlags;
    int mTransitionType;
    float mTransitionTime;
    unsigned int mCurveID[2];
    int mNumBeads;


Offset Type Variable Description
0x08 u8 mVersion
0x09 u8[3] padding
0x0C s32 mCameraType
0x10 u32 mFlags
0x14 s32 mTransitionType
0x18 f32 mTransitionTime
0x1C AssetID mCurveID1
0x20 AssetID mCurveID2
0x24 s32 mNumBeads
struct zCameraCurveBead
    float mCurveU[2];
    float mDistanceAdjust;
    float mPitchOffset;
    float mTargetRadius;
    float mTargetMarginAngle;
    float mLeadOffset;
    float mYOffset;
    float mNearWallAdjust
    float mFarWallAdjust;


Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 f32 mCurveU1
0x04 f32 mCurveU2
0x08 f32 mDistanceAdjust
0x0C f32 mPitchOffset
0x10 f32 mTargetRadius
0x14 f32 mTargetMarginAngle
0x18 f32 mLeadOffset
0x1C f32 mYOffset
0x20 f32 mNearWallAdjust
0x24 f32 mFarWallAdjust