Asset Porting

From Heavy Iron Modding

This page explains how to use the latest version of Industrial Park to import an object such as a tiki, enemy or character that was not originally present in a level so you can use them.


  1. Go to this page, find and download the HIP file of the object you want ported. You can use "Clone or download -> Download ZIP" to download all files.
  2. In Industrial Park, open your destination HOP file (most of the archives in that page are supposed to be imported into your level's HOP). Click on Edit -> Import HIP Archive and select the HIP of the object. This will import all assets from that HIP into your level's HOP, and will also merge the SNDI and other asset types of both files into one.
  3. If you are prompted about overwriting, click Yes.
  4. Now, your object should already work in the level; you can place a template of the object in your level or set it up yourself.


  • It is also possible to, instead of importing the assets from one of the HIPs above, copy the assets yourself using HipHopTool or Industrial Park's copy and paste feature. You can do this for objects without a HIP above, for example.
  • There are multiple HIPs for Battle for Bikini Bottom and Movie Game available. All of the archives were made by community members and thus might be incorrect (extra or missing assets). If you wish to contribute in some way, talk to us