EvilEngine/DYNA/game object:RingControl

From Heavy Iron Modding

Games usedThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Ring Challenge controller.

Offset Type Variable Description
0x10 int player Which type of player can go through the rings. Only Drive, Slide, and Sonic Wave Guitar are used in the base game, but SpongeBob/Patrick and SpongeBall can also be used.
  • 0 - Drive
  • 1 - SpongeBob/Patrick
  • 2 - SpongeBall
  • 3 - ?
  • 4 - Slide
  • 5 - Sonic Wave Guitar
0x14 AssetID modelForRings Model to use for the rings.
0x18 float defaultWarningTime Always 2
0x1C uint ringCount Number of rings in the Ring Challenge.
0x20 uint notUsedOffset Always 40
0x24 AssetID[4] sounds Ring sounds, a random one is played whenever a new ring appears.
0x34 uint numNextRingsToShow 0 = Invisible rings, 1 = Visible rings. (Always 1)
0x38 AssetID[ringCount] ringList Array of game_object:Ring, in the order that they appear in the Ring Challenge.