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Hello! I'm Zeptea! Or more commonly referred to as Zeppy!

A bit of an underground and closeted modder/TASer, I typically don't post much publicly.

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🍓Strawberry Lake🍓

[BFBB] A large scale custom level with a big change in visuals. It includes 5 Spatulas and 4 Socks. (Which are optional) This mod has you playing as a custom character, Ichigo, (Replaces Spongebob) a 5cm tall "Cosmic" from the Katamari Damacy franchise, collecting her favourite snack: Strawberries! Ichigo forgot her swimming gear, should be no problem though, as she can super-jump to reach very high jumps, and help her scale the massive landscape! Though, on her little adventure for berries, she realizes there are robotic versions of all her cousins...and even herself! They don't exactly seem friendly, and Ichigo is not much of a fighter, either. Wonder what's going on...

This mod was my submission for the 2023 Parkour challenge, and is a mod for Battle For Bikini Bottom. Since it was on a deadline, I was not able to complete everything I had planned out.

⏱️Clock Dimension⏱️

[TSSM] Another large scale custom level that has you scaling a tall clock tower, with 6 tokens and 10 extra collectables. A lot of vertical movement is involved. The path isn't always so straightforward, as you must platform through rotating cogs, gears, and arrow hands! The clock constructs living in this dimension are not very kind to outsiders. Upon reaching the top, you will be presented with a blue frog switch, which will start a time trial back to the start, inspired and based off of Wario Land 4's main mechanic! (And also Pizza Tower)

This mod was my submission for the 2023 Secret Santa challenge. The prompt given to me was "Time" by Eyepie.