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Welcome to the Battle for Bikini Bottom Beta Mod wiki page! This is a recreation mod of the early build of BfBB showcased at E3 2003, and it aims to replicate the beta footage and early-on development trailers.

This mod is created by TLL.


Beta Mod Trailer

IGN Beta Footage Remake

Known Issues

  • If you receive any autosave errors, re-save the game and it should fix it. If the issue persists, quit the game through the menu, (don’t stop the emulation) and reload your save.



You can read the 'Readme' file included with the download, watch the video, or read the 'How to Download' section below to install it correctly.

It is NOT recommended to play this mod on real hardware if you're aiming for all spatulas. The Prawn fight does not function.


Download the Beta Mod!

Previous Versions

It is highly recommended to use the latest build, you may experience crashes or issues with earlier versions.

How to Download


How to Install (Windows) (DON'T USE GAMECUBE REBUILDER)

Video Tutorial

  1. Firstly, you need a stock/unmodified ISO of Battle for Bikini Bottom (NTSC)
  2. You need to install the Dolphin Emulator to play and build the mod. (preferably the beta versions, DO NOT USE THE STABLE VERSIONS) Download Dolphin Emulator
  3. While that's installing, extract the Beta Mod folder by right-clicking on the downloaded zip, and clicking 'Extract All'. The mod files will begin extracting.
  4. Set up and open Dolphin Emulator.
  5. In the Dolphin Main Menu, select 'Config'
  6. Click on Paths, and then select 'Add...'
  7. Add a directory that leads to your STOCK/UNMODIFIED ISO of Battle for Bikini Bottom. (NOT THE BETA MOD FOLDER) Afterward, the ISO should appear in Dolphin.
  8. On your desktop, make a folder. (name it whatever you'd like!)
  9. Right-click on the unmodified ISO in Dolphin, and select 'Properties'.
  10. Move the arrows in the top right over to 'Filesystem'
  11. Right-click on 'Disc - GQPE78' and press 'Extract Entire Disc'. Select the folder that you created on your desktop earlier. BfBB's files will begin extracting. Wait patiently for it to finish.
  12. When that's done, open up the downloaded Beta Mod folder, (DO NOT OPEN THE FILES OR SYS FOLDER) and press CTRL+A + CTRL+C on your keyboard.
  13. Open the folder that you created on your desktop, and press CTRL+V. Files will begin transferring. When it finishes, Windows will tell you that some files already exist. Click 'Replace the files in the destination'.
  14. Open back up Dolphin if you previously closed it, and go to 'Config', click 'Paths', and select 'Add...'
  15. Select the folder that you created ON YOUR DESKTOP by clicking on the folder and THEN SELECT SYS.
  16. Confirm it, and you're done! (The mod should show as 0.00B, while another ISO is 1.36GB in Dolphin if done successfully.) (You are free to delete the stock ISO if you wish.)


Do you wish to have the mod in your ISO folder stash? No worries! Simply follow these steps:

  1. In Dolphin, right-click on the 0.00B ISO.
  2. Click 'Convert File...'
  3. Click 'Convert...'
  4. Select your favorite ISO spot, and be sure to name it something you can remember!
  5. You can now delete the files and sys folder if you choose.

NOTE: If you cannot control the mod at all, you probably haven't configured your controller settings in the emulator menu.


  • To find where Patrick is to trade socks in the hub world, he is now located in his house! (To warp to him, simply choose a spatula to Patrick's Anchors in the pause menu.)
  • If you want to disable Hans, go to the Hub World Jellyfish Fields Tollgate entrance and double jump above it!
  • Getting lost in Patrick's Dream? Maybe those teleport boxes could be useful! You need the cruise bubble to press the button next to the Sleepy-Time.