From Heavy Iron Modding

i mod bfbb mostly and sometimes mess with movie. i dont have much creativity so it takes ages for me to mod but i tend to do full game mods or multiple level mods rather than single level releases.

Released Large Mods (so far)

Sock Expedition Extreme

A very exploration heavy mod that adds in 1000 total socks to the game. Explore unseen parts of Bikini Bottom, and face a harder challenge throughout the game.
  • Features 590 new socks added to the levels that you can find and collect
  • 41 Spatulas that have been mostly modified to give new/changed objectives
  • 2 New powers to help on your adventure
    • Use SpongeBall anywhere in the game to travel slightly faster
    • Move faster + be strong enough to defeat most robots in 1 hit and break stone tikis.
  • Many aspects of levels modified to be made more challenging to complete. Most boss fights are entirely different
  • Several "endings" depending on how many socks you have, unlocks extra levels to complete

TetraxZ's BfBB Showcase Mod

Showcases what Industrial Park could do pretty early in development, back around 2018. The main goal was to hide collectibles in obscure spots, but as the editor developed it ended up just showing off different things the early editor could do.

Ring Challenge Mod

A difficult mod that adds in Ring Challenges across the main worlds, using various abilities and mechanics. Only 1/3 parts are finished. Part 1 contains 7 spatulas across JF, Downtown, GL, and Poseidome.

WIP Mods

Crossover Mod

Crossover Mod was meant to be a mod that brought mechanics and things from other games into BfBB.
  • Levels from various other games
  • Collectibles that behave like the original game's they come from
  • Mechanics/Gameplay from other games