BFBB:Second Strike

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BFBB: Second Strike is a full game mod for Battle for Bikini Bottom that significantly increases the difficulty and how you progress through the game. Created by aaron5015.

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Mod Description

Prepare for a fight you aren't ready for with the entire game changed with more robots running amuck, changes to how you gain certain collectables, and how you traverse the very land of Bikini Bottom!

Mod Info

Every level is modded to be a nearly new challenge that you will have to survive as best as you can. are you up to the challenge? Also with secret levels.


Download the latest version here.

v1.02.4 For Speedrunning


Follow Igorseabra4's guide on youtube to set this up through dolphin's file loading system.

Or use Tetraxz' ISO tutorial if you would rather use this (and prevent most issues it seems).

1.Download the files above

2.Extract every file included to the root of your modded BFBB directory through the guide above. (otherwords, copy everything in the files folder to bfbb's files folder.)

3.Launch the game.


I encourage everyone who plays to use the discussion page at the top if you play this mod, assuming if you can't reach me through discord to leave your feedback on changes. I haven't been very openly talkative on it but i am listening on every bit of feedback.

V1.02.1 -Fixed 2nd Old Man Jenkins crash -(not entirely needed but fixed it anyways) If crashes were to pursue in planktopolis due to enemies spawning, it should now no longer happen.

V1.02 - JF01/2 Changes where some things are made more clear - JF01 has less enemy spam - Hub Area 2 has more health - Planktopolis shouldn't have a repeating cutscene or constantly moving upward bouncepads. - Poseidome's final platform challenge made slightly less unpredictable.

V1.01 - Alpha Ghost Bots - Fixes (i can't remember all of them as these were numerous additive changes)

v1.0 Initial Release.


This is where issues are labelled at.

Lag Spikes

Secret Area 2/Planktopolis in sand mountain has large lag spikes, fix: Go to config in dolphin > advanced > Enable Emulated CPU Clock Override. Adjust this to a level where you don't have lag spikes at. This is due to the fact of how many SIMPs are loaded in at once, killing robots will also lessen the lag but it's mostly the SIMPs causing this.

Random Crashing

Save state often rather than saving because it can be unreliable as some of these crashes can appear out of nowhere despite working fine previously. So as such I would recommend using Dolphin Dev 5.0-10888. if you're having issues in certain levels. otherwise recent dolphin should work fine.

Save is Corrupted

Like i said above, Save state often as saves can be unreliable. They do work but they don't work in new areas or very specific areas like SM01.



Gameplay Trailer


All with Permission.

David Kang - Poseidome Rock Cover

Pyris/RetroSpecter - Industrial Park Remix

Jonny Atma - SpongeBot SteelPants GaMetal Remix