From Heavy Iron Modding

About Me

Created the BfBB Beta Mod, and now I'm currently co-creating to the BfBB Halloween Mod.

Mods I've Created

BFBB Beta Mod

A recreation mod of the early build of BFBB seen in pre-release footage.

Mods I've Contributed to

Battle for Boo-kini Bottom

Are ya ready ghouls? Experience classic BfBB but spooky! (original developer: AkiraTheGamer & TLL (me)

Assets I've Created

Custom Patrick "All the Small Things" MTV Dance Recreation Animation (BfBB & Movie)

Custom animation for Patrick replicating the "All the Small Things" MTV Dance Video by SpongeBob and friends.


Unused BfBB Worm Restored (BfBB)

The unused worm model seen in Shady Shoals is 100% restored with custom animations and a texture by me.


Custom Gary Eye-Clap Animation (BfBB)

Custom animation for Gary replicating the Jellyfish Jam episode.



Nick Logo BIK but with stereo audio and a much better audio effect.


SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Gear Costume (BfBB)

A custom costume I made using a couple assets from ROTFD, this was originally intended for my scrapped challenge submission.