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The mod's main title screen.

BfBB: Sock Expedition Extreme is a full game mod for Battle for Bikini Bottom that replaces most "out in the open" Spatulas to be Socks hidden around levels.

Mod Description

Patrick's entire sock collection has gone missing! Run, Jump and Roll your way through Bikini Bottom to find Patrick's 1000 missing socks! Visit unseen parts of levels to find where those pesky robots hid all of Patrick's socks!

Featuring: revamped objectives, challenging levels, and difficult boss fights, as well as two BRAND NEW "powers" to aid in your adventure!

There's 3 different "endings" depending on how many socks you find, can you stop the robots from rampaging yet again???


Download the latest version here.

This google drive folder contains a download for the Gamecube and Xbox versions of the mod.

It also contains a text file with text based installation instructions as well as an invite to the public Discord Server.


Video guide on how to install.

1. Extract SEE Gamecube/Xbox zip file to a folder

2. Have BfBB files from an unmodified game extracted to a folder:

  • Dolphin: Right Click a BfBB iso, click Properties, click Filesystem, then Extract Entire Disc and choose a location.
  • Xbox: FTP the files from your Xbox to your PC, or use a supported flash drive or other methods.

3. Copy the files from the Sock Expedition Extreme mod and paste them over the original game's files.

  • In the zip mod file, you can CTRL+A to select all of the files, then Click+Drag these files over the ones from the original game. If asked to overwrite click Yes.

4. Now all you have to do is set up your method of playing:

  • Dolphin: Click Config, Paths, and click Add, then choose the "sys" folder from where you extracted the original disc (folder should have "files" and "sys").
  • Xbox: Transfer the modded files back to your Xbox, go to the file explorer, and launch default.xbe from your game directory.

You should be all set to go, you will know that it's working if the intro videos are different and the new logo appears on the title screen.

For Gamecube users, you can alternatively play on an ISO too:

Setup 1: After adding the sys folder as a path, an iso can be created from it.

  1. Right Click on the 0.00 B game you added > Convert File.
  2. Make sure ISO is selected at the top then click convert.
  3. Save the ISO wherever you want

Now your ISO file is ready to play in Dolphin and Nintendont.

Setup 2 (if Setup 1 does not work)

  1. Download GameCube Rebuilder and open it.
  2. Click Image, then select Open.
  3. In the window that opens, select your original Battle for Bikini Bottom GameCube ISO file.
  4. On the right side of the program, a list of files appears. Right-click "&&SystemData" and click Export.
  5. In the window that opens, select the folder of your mod.
  6. Click Image, then select Close.

Since the mod has all of its required files, you can now create an ISO file to play it.

  1. Click Options, then select "Do not use 'game.toc'." This is necessary because of additional level files in the game.
  2. Click Root, then select Open.
  3. In the window that opens, select the modded folder.
  4. Click Root, then select Save.
  5. In the window that opens, select any location for the ISO file.
  6. Finally, click Root, then select Rebuild.


  • Warping from Graveyard Lake (area 1) to Industrial Park (Robo-Pat fight) will crash the game.

  • Using the SpongeBall powerup on a Taxi pad or Bus stop can lead to movement being locked and being unable to play.


1.0: Initial release

1.1 Changelog

  • (Xbox) Adjusted the speed of Floating Tikis in Sea Needle and Bikini Bottom to match Gamecube
  • (GC and Xbox) Adjusted the warp names for Hubs 1, 2, & 3 to match how many socks are needed to make the spatula gold
  • (GC and Xbox) Fixed the non-working sign to explain Monsoon
  • (GC and Xbox) Fixed the SM Lobby secret to work more than once

1.2 Changelog

  • Fixed spawning out of bounds when loading a save file in Security Tunnel
  • Hopefully fixed crash in Robo-Sponge fight
  • Fixed Mermalair Computer showing nothing during the intro text
  • Fixed Plankton talking about a non-existant spatula in Sand Mountain
  • Platforms stop spinning after Prawn is defeated
  • Swing hooks in Robo-Patrick adjusted to be lower

1.3b Changelog

  • Added indicators to Graveyard to be less confusing
  • UI fixed in Dutchman fight to display boss health better
  • Fixed getting extra socks upon re-defeating bosses
  • Fixed graphic issue in Patrick's Rock
  • Fixed incorrect sock count in Theater
  • Fixed missing Promo video FMVs (accidentally added blank ones)
  • Fixed crashes in Robo-Sponge fights

1.4 Changelog

  • Fixed incorrect world stats for Poseidome and Industrial Park
  • Fixed a broken text dialogue in Sand Mountain
  • Fixed being able to be locked out of cruise ships in Graveyard Lake
  • Added indicators for socks that are normally invisible
    • Jellyfish Caves
    • Downtown Rooftops (this challenge was adjusted also)
    • Sandy's Treedome
    • Shady Shoals
    • Police Station
  • Fixed some things being weird with removed cutscenes
    • Bikini Bottom - Chum Bucket trampoline and Squid's House platforms move faster
    • Downtown Rooftops - trampolines come out faster
    • SpongeBob's Pineapple - Library blocks fall faster

1.5 Changelog

  • New Game + Mode added
    • Access it on the mode selection screen when starting a new game.
    • Start with all powers and abilities unlocked.
    • Abilities have reduced cooldown (15 seconds -> 3s , 5s -> 1s)
  • Adjusted gate in Patrick's Dilemma to fall faster

1.6 Changelog

  • Adjusted the Monsoon mission in Goo Lagoon
    • Made the Monsoon attack less frequently
    • Made the platforms slightly larger to allow you to maneuver better
  • Hidden Purple Shiny in Lighthouse now gives the proper amount
  • Fixed way to softlock self out of the Trench Buttons spatula

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