BFBB TikTok Edition

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Title Card for BFBB: TikTok Edition.

Mod Description

All the character's voices have been replaced with the funny TikTok lady voice.
The whole game!


Full-Game Version (With Custom Banner and Title Screen, HMM Optional)
Simple Add-On Version (No Custom Banner or Title Card) (HMM Required)

Video Demo

Prologue Cutscene

How to Install

Install the mod using the Heavy Mod Manager.

Optionally, view these links for legacy installation methods:
Written Tutorial
Video Tutorial

Patch Notes

v1.01 - Adjusted Patrick's racehorse line in the opening cutscene.
v1.02 - Mod is now compatible with the Heavy Mod Manager.

Other Info

Mod has only been tested on Dolphin Emulator.
Mod is functional with original game save files.
Mod removes all FMVs to save space and skip logos. To keep your FMVs, remove the mod's "fmv" folder.


Main Developer
Double H

TikTok TTS Engine

Banner/Title Card Designer
Joey (Jeeg)

Initial Inspiration

Industrial Park Creator

Special Thanks To
The Heavy Iron Modding Community