Patrick's Nightmare

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Patrick's Nightmare
Latest version1.1
GameThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
ReleaseNovember 1, 2022

Patrick's Nightmare is a custom level mod for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie created by Pepperpot for Heavy Iron Modding's Halloween modding challenge. It contains three Goofy Goober tokens and three Treasure Chests.


Patrick finds himself in a nightmare after falling asleep on an empty stomach. Help him escape by collecting the cookies within the level and fighting off the monsters.


The mod is tested to be compatible with the NTSC GameCube version on Dolphin. As of v1.1, the level is compatible with Nintendont (previous versions have errors that crash the game).

Known Issues

  • Foggers do not attack the player in the first area
  • You cannot warp to other levels
  • The opening cutscene plays when you re-warp to the first or second token in the level
  • The enemy health bar is displayed over the pause screen
  • Max extras count in the pause screen is inaccurate


Download Latest Version: MEGA Download (154.8MB)

1.1 (2023-10-06) - Now compatible with Nintendont!

  • Add stereo music tracks for boss and Patrick's rock
  • Fix issue with turrets causing the game to crash and large flashing particles
  • Fix issue with navigation in pause menu
  • Add Heavy Mod Manager support
  • Re-enable throw as it no longer appears broken
  • Remove some enemies for performance/balance

1.0.1 (2023-05-14)

  • Disable throw in main level
  • Update README, add epilepsy warning

1.0.0 (2022-11-01)

  • Initial release for Modding challenge