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Mod Description

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: ENCORE (or just Movie Encore) is a mod built off of Movie DX. The mod itself aims to be a New Game+. As such, not a lot is changed from Movie DX. However, there are still some changes.

In typical Koopa Eliminator fashion, most levels have different cosmetics, but there are also harder enemies, some more/different enemies in places that never had them, mirrored and sped up Floating Block Challenges (except the final one, which is simply mirrored), faster boss battles, some faster & harder obstacles, reverted and a couple moved rings for the Ring Challenges, and the biggest change... no SpongeBall Challenges They have been replaced with a "new" kind of challenge, the Star Slides!


Movie Encore

This google drive folder contains a download for the mod, and a Steamgrid folder in case you wish to add the mod to your Steam Library.

It also contains two text files that are highly recommended to be read.

Change Log

If you want to see a complete changelog, click the link. This complete log will also tell you what was carried over from Movie DX (if you decided to skip that and go straight to this.)

Complete Changelog

  • All moves are unlocked at the start.
  • I'm Ready... Depression, No Weenie Parking Allowed, Combat Arena Challenge #3, & Googly Eyes and Smelly Knick Knacks, and Planktopolis have new visuals.
  • Turrets in Planktopolis don't blindside you.
  • Sparkles in Star Slide & Block challenges are fixed.
  • Revisit warps in Star Slide challenges are fixed.
  • Try not to get dizzy in Floating Block 3.
  • Hotfixes: Lighting is fixed in SC02, Slam is unlocked at start, PLS1 has the correct guitar texture.


Disclaimer: It is highly recommended that you create a backup of your TSSM iso. Just in case something in the mod installation process goes wrong.

Check this video out if you want to build the mod as a rom

Alternatively, you can use this article here, if instructions through text is your cup of tea. Setting up Dolphin for Modding