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Mod Description

This is a full game mod that remixes the main game to make it faster and more replayable. Changes include but aren't limited to:

-Adding pads to 3k and NTWM that allow you to pick between bash & slam / bowl & throw respectively. Changes to future levels have been made to allow them to be beatable with other abilities. Includes updated versions some of my prior mods, including Token Tango, Vehicle timer challenges always active, and Junction in 3k. All now wrapped together into one package.

-More Port-O-Heads have been added throughout the game to give players the option to choose their desired character.

-Proggression has been made much easier -- token requirements have been generally lowered, but now if you manage to get 50 tokens, you'll be able to warp streight to Neptune with the guitar! Will you gun streight to the end or take the time to grab the 50 tokens?

-Playstyle variations! Pick your class when installing the mod, and this may provide a unique experience depending on your selection!

-Gecko Code included and recommended -- made by the people listed below -- doubles move speed, makes every level 60 fps, and makes the Patty Wagon blast off ridiculously far when nitro-ing!

-Almost every Invisible wall in SD101, Weenie, and Knucklehead have been completely removed! Lap counters on those stages have also been made more lenient.

+Much more small changes!

What ability are you choosing?

Code Credits

60FPS at All Times: AR Code by Seil

Moveable Patty Wagon Camera: AR Code by MinecraftFreak73

Double Player Move Speed: Gecko Code by Mr. Brocoli


Movie Mashup Download

Installation Help (Getting this working on dolphin emulator)

1: Obtain a modified game directory (For more info on how to do so follow this link here:

2: Extract the contents of the folder using a zip tool (Like 7z)

3: Pick a class from the PLAYSTYLES folder and insert it into the CONTENTS folder

4: Move everything from the CONTENTS folder into the files folder of whatever it is you want to mod

5: Say yes when it asks you to replace the files

6: You should be all good! Hope you enjoy!

Gecko Code Help: (Getting the code to work on emu)

1: Right click any Spongebob Movie Game tab in Dolphin

2: Next go to Properties.

3: Go to Gecko Codes

4: Hit "Add New Code"

5: Copy > Paste the above code into the code section (You can give it whatever name you want)

6: Press save and boom! You should be able to check and uncheck the box to enable or disable the code at will

Get Gecko Codes working on a Homebrewed Wii (Aka via Nintendon't) (This Tutorial is Specifically for Mario Superstars but should still work for movie)

Token Tango and level design changes!

Version Changelog

v1.1: Various Quality of Life improvements and fixes