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Mod Description

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Deluxe (or more commonly known as Movie DX) is a quality of life mod for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie that aims to fix issues that ruin the game for some people, while adding a few visual touches. Major changes include easier Ring Challenges and lowered token requirements.


Movie Deluxe

This google drive folder contains a download for the mod, a folder filled with custom textures used in the mod, and a Steamgrid folder in case you wish to add the mod to your Steam Library.

It also contains two text files that are highly recommended to be read.


Disclaimer: It is highly recommended that you create a backup of your TSSM iso. Just in case something in the mod installation process goes wrong.

Check this video out if you want to build the mod as a rom

Alternatively, you can use this article here, if instructions through text is your cup of tea. Setting up Dolphin for Modding

Known Issues

  • Game may break when playing off a save file from an unmodified rom or other mod.


Not every change is listed here, only major changes, and update specific changes. v1.0

  • The very disastrous initial release.
  • Easier Ring Challenges.
  • Flingers and Slammers added for Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions.
  • Texture changes.
  • Challenges have level specific versions of the players (Example: Drunk Patrick in the first Combat Arena Challenge.)


  • The significantly better "initial" release
  • A few OOB objects were restored/deleted.
  • Bash is unlocked by default.
  • Token Requirements are lowered. (Smash: 8, SpongeBowl: 15, Throw: 20, Sonic Wave: 30, Access to the Final Driving Level: 35)
  • Manliness Points never decrease to 1 Point. This is to remove “anti-grinding.”
  • Many levels received major makeovers.
  • A few challenges were made easier, as well as easier to access.
  • New FMVs for unlocking moves and their upgrades.


  • A few bugfixes from the previous version.
  • The removal of the pointless timer in the Floating Block Challenges.
  • The ability to warp to the challenge panels rather than the challenges themselves.
  • PT01.hip was fixed.
  • AM01 received a total makeover.
  • AM02 no longer has walls.
  • New Story FMVs.


  • Remade Rock Side using the recent version of IP.
  • New Combat Arena Challenge #3.
  • Added a checkpoint at the end of “Three Meter Island.”
  • Rearranged the Extras.
  • Added a 50 Point where the barrel used to be in the SpongeBall Room in Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt.
  • Moved Chest #1 in No Weenie Parking Allowed.
  • Shortened the Hans Trigger near the first Lava Fall in Rock Slide.
  • Ring timers in driving challenges were shortened from the previous update.


  • Incorporated "Disable First Upgrade Point Textbox" by Eyepie & "SpongeBob and Patrick Eyelids Fix" by MinecraftFreak73.
  • Rock Slide's Macho Time Challenge is now 4:30.
  • Made the Planktopolis SpongeBall Challenge easier to find.

If you want to see a complete changelog, click the link.

Complete Changelog


A playlist showing all the progress logs for the mod.

Latte playing one of the Combat Arena Challenges.