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Single Level Mods

Krabby Factory

A mid length 3 token 2 extra level based off the prompt "Factory". Originally created for the 2023 Heavy iron modding Secret Santa challenge.

Valley of the Lost

-Released May 2023
A remix of The Lake of Graves, featuring a different look and new areas, 10 tokens and 10 extras.

The Lake of Graves

-Released October 2022
An island platforming level with 5 tokens and 3 extras. Originally created for the 2022 Halloween modding challenge.

Unnamed Airship Level

-Released April 2022
An airship level with 3 tokens and 2 extras. Originally created for the 2022 Villains Lair modding challenge.

NTWM Guitar Challenge

-Released February 2021
A Guitar Challenge in the NTWM second area.

Notable Lack of Cheese

-Released November 2020
A fully custom no Cheese level. Includes 1 token and 1 extra. Originally part of a now scrapped full game mod.

SpongeBall Driving

-Released August 2020
A single token driving level in the SpongeBall Challenge style.