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This page is part of the Essential Series modding tutorials. In this guide, you will learn how to use TIMR assets. Timers are one of the simplest asset types.

Using a Timer

Industrial Park has a Timer template. When placing the template, you can choose the amount of time in seconds you want the timer to run for (it can be any real number, such as 5.75). These are the events used by a timer:

  • Run: send this to a timer to make it start running.
  • Expired: after receiving Run, the timer will run for the amount of seconds it was set to, then will receive Expired.
  • Reset: after the timer has expired, you must send Reset to it to be able to use it again! A common setup is having an Expired => Reset in the timer with the timer itself as the target, so the timer will always be reset after expiring. Sending Run to an expired timer without resetting will cause it to expire immediately. You can also use this to reset a timer before it has finished running.
  • Stop: if you send Stop to a running timer, it will stop running, essentially pausing the timer. Sending Run again without sending Reset will cause it to continue from where it stopped.

You can also use the RandomRange property in timers (not present in Scooby) to set a random value for the timer. If a timer's time is 30 and the RandomRange is 5, for example, the timer will actually be reset to a random value between 25 and 35.

Timer Textbox

Timers are normally silent and invisible, but you can use a timer textbox to display the timer to the player. This is used in various points of the original game.

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