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This page is part of the Essential Series modding tutorials. A portal (PORT) is a base asset used to teleport the player. The destination can be a position in the same level or in another level. PORTs are placed in the Default layer of the HIP file.

Using a Portal

Industrial Park has a Portal template. In the template, you must set the following:

  • Camera_AssetID: the asset ID of the camera that will be used after the player is teleported. This is usually left to the default, STARTCAM.
  • Destination_MRKR_AssetID: this is the asset ID of the Marker that is the destination position. This can be in the same level or in a different one. If this marker doesn't exist in the destination level, the default position of the PLYR asset will be used. A marker simply defines a position in the 3D world, you can place one with a template. Note that, if the marker is in a different level, IP will not be able to find its name and will show a hexadecimal asset ID instead. This is not a problem and the portal will still function normally.
  • Rotation: the rotation of the player after the teleport.
  • DestinationLevel: the 4-letter filename of the level to which you will be teleported. This can be the same level you already are in, which will teleport you instantly, or another level, which will cause a loading screen.
    • When the DestinationLevel name is in ALL CAPS (HB01) , it will teleport in the same level WITHOUT reloading. If the name is in lowercase (hb01) a loading screen will appear before teleporting even if it's in the same level.

To use a portal, simply send the TeleportPlayer event to the portal.

Note: there are some occasions in which a portal to the same level does not work if used twice in the same session, and the event has to be sent again for it to work. To prevent this, when using a portal to the same level, send the TeleportPlayer event twice.

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