Ring Challenge Mod

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Mod Info

This is a WIP mod made mainly by TetraxZ with support from people in the modding community.

It is a difficult challenge oriented mod based around Ring Challenges from the Movie game.

These ring challenges span across several worlds and use different characters, abilities, and mechanics found in the game.

The mod will be released in 3 Parts: Part 1 features JF, DBB, and GL as well as a boss fight. Part 2 will feature the next 3 worlds as well as another boss. Part 3 will be the final release

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  • Version 1.0: Base mod release
  • Version 1.1: Changed: JF and Downtown had some major sequence break fixes. GL had the waves lowered to be more consistent. B1 made cutscenes remove control from the player, and when all G-Loves are defeated an extra one will respawn until the ring is hit.