List of Events/Scooby

From Heavy Iron Modding

This is a list of Events for Scooby-Doo: Night Of 100 Frights.


Event ID Name Object Asset Types Description
0x0000 Unknown
0x0001 Enable
0x0002 Disable
0x0003 Visible
0x0004 Invisible
0x0005 EnterPlayer TRIG
0x0006 ExitPlayer TRIG
0x0007 TouchPlayer
0x0008 ControlOff
0x0009 ControlOn
0x000A Reset
0x000B Increment
0x000C Decrement
0x000D Open
0x000E Close
0x000F Toggle
0x0010 Teleport Player
0x0011 OutOfBounds PLYR
0x0013 Stop
0x0014 Expired CNTR, TIMR
0x0015 Move
0x0016 Destroy
0x0017 Pause
0x0018 Play GRUP, SFX
0x0019 PlayOne
0x001A PlayMaybe
0x001B RoomStart
0x001C Invalidate
0x001D Tilt
0x001E Untilt
0x001F Arrive
0x0020 Mount
0x0021 Dismount
0x0022 Break
0x0023 Pickup
0x0024 Death
0x0025 Kill
0x0026 On
0x0027 Off
0x0028 Patrol On
0x0029 Patrol Off
0x002A On Guard
0x002B Guard Off
0x002C Detect Player On
0x002D Detect Player Off
0x002E Chase Player On
0x002F Chase Player Off
0x0030 Go To Sleep
0x0031 Wake Up Villain
0x0032 Respawn
0x0033 PlayerDeath
0x0034 GiveChance PLYR
0x0035 GiveScoobySnack PLYR Gives 1 Scooby Snack to the player. No custom amount possible.
0x0036 GiveHealth PLYR
0x0037 ButtonPress
0x0038 ButtonUnpress
0x0039 ArriveHalfway
0x003A Hit
0x003B ButtonPressAction
0x003C Evaluate
0x003D True
0x003E False
0x003F PadPressX
0x0040 PadPressSquare
0x0041 PadPressO
0x0042 PadPressTriangle
0x0043 PadPressL1
0x0044 PadPressL2
0x0045 PadPressR1
0x0046 PadPressR2
0x0047 PadPressStart
0x0048 PadPressSelect
0x0049 PadPressUp
0x004A PadPressDown
0x004B PadPressRight
0x004C PadPressLeft
0x004D FontBackdropOn
0x004E FontBackdropOff
0x004F UI Select
0x0050 UI Unselect
0x0051 UI Focus On
0x0052 UI Focus Off
0x0053 Collision On
0x0054 Collision Off
0x0055 Collision+Visible On
0x0056 Collision+Visible Off
0x0057 Scene Prepare
0x0058 Scene Finish
0x0059 Room Prepare
0x005A Room Finish
0x005B LobMaster Shoot
0x005C LobMaster Reset
0x005D FallToDeath PLYR
0x005E UI Focus On+Select
0x005F UI Focus Off+Unselect
0x0060 Set Pad Config to Preset A
0x0061 Set Pad Config to Preset B
0x0062 Set Pad Config to Preset C
0x0063 Set Pad Config to Preset D
0x0064 Pad Vibrate On
0x0065 Pad Vibrate Off
0x0066 Mono Sound DPAT
0x0067 Stereo Sound DPAT
0x0068 Increase Master Volume
0x0069 Decrease Master Volume
0x006A Increase Music Volume DPAT
0x006B Decrease Music Volume DPAT
0x006C Increase SFX Volume DPAT
0x006D Decrease SFX Volume DPAT
0x006E IntroState_Sony
0x006F IntroState_Publisher
0x0070 IntroState_Developer
0x0071 IntroState_License
0x0072 IntroState_Count
0x0073 TitleState_Start
0x0074 TitleState_Attract
0x0075 TitleState_Count
0x0076 LoadState_SelectMemCard
0x0077 LoadState_SelectSlot
0x0078 LoadState_Loading
0x0079 LoadState_Count
0x007A OptionsState_Options
0x007B OptionsState_Count
0x007C SaveState_SelectMemCard
0x007D SaveState_SelectSlot
0x007E SaveState_Saving
0x007F SaveState_Count
0x0080 PauseState_Pause
0x0081 PauseState_Options
0x0082 PauseState_Count
0x0083 GameState_FirstTime
0x0084 GameState_Play
0x0085 GameState_LoseChance
0x0086 GameState_GameOver
0x0087 GameState_SceneSwitch
0x0088 GameState_Dead
0x0089 SetIntroState_Sony
0x008A SetIntroState_Publisher
0x008B SetIntroState_Developer
0x008C SetIntroState_License
0x008D SetIntroState_Count
0x008E SetTitleState_Start
0x008F SetTitleState_Attract
0x0090 SetTitleState_Count
0x0091 SetLoadState_SelectMemCard
0x0092 SetLoadState_SelectSlot
0x0093 SetLoadState_Loading
0x0094 SetLoadState_Count
0x0095 SetOptionsState_Options
0x0096 SetOptionsState_Count
0x0097 SetSaveState_SelectMemCard
0x0098 SetSaveState_SelectSlot
0x0099 SetSaveState_Saving
0x009A SetSaveState_Count
0x009B SetPauseState_Pause
0x009C SetPauseState_Options
0x009D SetPauseState_Count
0x009E SetGameState_FirstTime
0x009F SetGameState_Play
0x00A0 SetGameState_LoseChance
0x00A1 SetGameState_GameOver
0x00A2 SetGameState_SceneSwitch
0x00A3 SetGameState_Dead
0x00A4 Digup
0x00A5 GameState_Exit
0x00A6 SetGameState_Exit
0x00A7 LobMaster Shoot From Widget
0x00A8 Back
0x00A9 Cancel
0x00AA Retry
0x00AB Select Card
0x00AC Select Slot
0x00AD OK
0x00AE VilHurtBoss
0x00AF Attack
0x00B0 AttackOn
0x00B1 AttackOff
0x00B2 Drop pickup
0x00B3 VilReport_StartingIdle
0x00B4 VilReport_StartingSleep
0x00B5 VilReport_StartingGuard
0x00B6 VilReport_StartingPatrol
0x00B7 VilReport_StartingDazed
0x00B8 VilReport_StartingLook
0x00B9 VilReport_StartingListen
0x00BA VilReport_StartingInvestigate
0x00BB VilReport_StartingChase
0x00BC VilReport_StartingAttack
0x00BD VilReport_StartingRetreat
0x00BE Preload
0x00BF Done
0x00C0 Arcto
0x00C1 Digup Reaction
0x00C2 Set Check Point
0x00C3 AnimPlay
0x00C4 AnimPlayLoop
0x00C5 AnimStop
0x00C6 AnimPause
0x00C7 AnimResume
0x00C8 AnimTogglePause
0x00C9 AnimPlayRandom
0x00CA AnimPlayMaybe
0x00CB SetSpeed
0x00CC Accelerate
0x00CD MoveToTarget
0x00CE SwingerFollow
0x00CF ShaggyMount
0x00D0 ShaggyWitchDrop
0x00D1 ShaggySwap
0x00D2 ShaggyState
0x00D3 ShaggyAction
0x00D4 EnterEntity
0x00D5 ExitEntity
0x00D8 Drivenby
0x00D9 FollowTarget
0x00DA FaceTarget
0x00DB WatchTarget
0x00DC ShaggyCollideOnly
0x00DD Shaggy1_ThrowTarget
0x00DE Shaggy8_CallEnable
0x00DF Shaggy8_CallDisable
0x00E0 Shaggy8_SetMagnet
0x00E1 Shaggy8_ClearMagnet
0x00E2 StartMoving
0x00E3 StopMoving
0x00E4 Swoosh PEND
0x00E5 ShaggySetDown
0x00E6 ShaggyGrabEnable
0x00E7 ShaggyGrabDisable
0x00E8 ShaggyGrabbed
0x00E9 ShaggyThrown
0x00EA VilDoAction
0x00EB GangDoBossAction
0x00EC VilFakeChaseOn
0x00ED VilFakeChaseOff
0x00EE BossMMPushButton
0x00EF VilReport_DecayComplete
0x00F0 VilGuardWidget
0x00F1 TextureAnimateOn
0x00F2 TextureAnimateOff
0x00F3 TextureAnimateToggle
0x00F4 ColorEffectOn
0x00F5 ColorEffectOff
0x00F6 ColorEffectToggle
0x00F7 SetTextureAnimGroup
0x00F8 SetTextureAnimSpeed
0x00F9 TextureAnimateStep
0x00FA Emit
0x00FB Emitted
0x00FC TranslucentOn
0x00FD TranslucentOff
0x00FE TranslucentToggle
0x00FF VilGangTalkOn
0x0100 VilGangTalkOff
0x0101 Give Map DPAT Unlocks the map.
0x0102 Unlock R001 DPAT
0x0103 Unlock S001 DPAT
0x0104 Unlock E001 DPAT
0x0105 Unlock F001 DPAT
0x0106 Disable Group Contents
0x0107 ShaggyPhysHack
0x0108 OccludeOn
0x0109 OccludeOff
0x010A WaveSetLinear
0x010B WaveSetRipple
0x010C SituationLaugh
0x010D SituationBossBattleGreenGhost
0x010E SituationBossBattleRedBeard
0x010F SituationBossBattleMasterMind
0x0110 SituationBossBattleBlacknight
0x0111 SituationPlayerScare
0x0112 SituationPlayerSafe
0x0113 SituationPlayerDanger
0x0114 SituationPlayerChaseBegin
0x0115 SituationPlayerChaseEnd
0x0116 SituationPlayerSeeShaggy
0x0117 SituationPlayerSeeFood
0x0118 SituationPlayerSeeToken
0x0119 SituationPlayerSeeScoobySnack
0x011A SituationPlayerSeePowerup
0x011B SituationPlayerSeeMonster
0x011C SituationPlayerSuccess
0x011D SituationPlayerFailure
0x011E Show Hud
0x011F Hide Hud
0x0120 FADE OUT
0x0121 SetRain ENV Makes it rain when sent to an ENV asset with an argument of 1.
0x0122 SetSnow ENV Makes it snow when sent to an ENV asset with an argument of 1.
0x0123 ShaggyMowerStopMode
0x0124 ScriptReset
0x0125 WaitForInput
0x0126 Play Movie DPAT
0x0127 Mastermind is defeated
0x0128 - (Unused) There is no event defined for this ID.
0x0129 PlayMusic DPAT Plays music with a specified argument.
0x012A Forward
0x012B Reverse
0x012C PlayerRumbleTest
0x012D PlayerRumbleLight PLYR Vibrates the controller.
0x012E PlayerRumbleMedium PLYR Vibrates the controller.
0x012F PlayerRumbleHeavy PLYR Vibrates the controller.