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Welcome to the Releases page of the BfBB Beta Mod! Here you can find all of the older versions of the mod, as well as the current one!

It is highly recommended to use the latest build, you may experience crashes with earlier versions.



Release Date: 2023/07/11

Update Features

View Release Features Here

  • Huge thanks to Seil for hardcoded material. Without his help in recreating hardcoded beta assets, this mod wouldn’t be as nearly as advanced.
  • A big thanks to Redberd36 for recreating some unused animations, such as the Patrick Melee Headbutt, and the unused Robo-Sandy Wrestle Arm slam.
  • Thanks to ProfFaBo, Seil, and Redberd36 for figuring out the hitbox for Patrick's attack.


Release Date: 2023/01/20

Update Features

-Changed all the text from Throw Fruit to Soccer Ball.

-Fixed Sandy’s broken voice line in SM when speaking to Gary after completing the task.

-Removed movement on toll gate numbers and toll-gate spatulas in HB01.

-Removed the Sand Mountain sign texture in the Hub World intentionally. (Yes, this is seen as a missing texture in IGN footage from the background)

-Fixed the extra timer noise in Sandy’s Dream. ___________________________________________________

After Installation, It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to enter this AR code in your Beta Mod ISO below. It controls various beta assets that are hardcoded in game and can be only activated with this code: AR Code

Many thanks to Seil for the AR code!! ___________________________________________________


Release Date: 2023/01/16

  • [deadlink]

Update Features

The very long awaited build has arrived! This update has made major history for the mod and has changed it forever. Featuring a brand new trailer and a shiny IGN footage Remake, as well as many more features! Thank you to everyone who has supported, contributed, and most importantly motivated me to keep going and never give up!

You can view most of the Update Features here! (Most wouldn’t fit due to how large this update is): View Update Features Here!

After Installation, It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to enter this AR code in your Beta Mod ISO below. It controls various beta assets that are hardcoded in game and can be only activated with this code: AR Code

Many thanks to Seil for the AR code!!


-To find where Patrick is to trade socks in the hub world, he is now located in his house! (To warp to him, simply choose a spatula to Glove World in the pause menu.) -If you want to disable Hans, go to the Jellyfish Fields Tollgate and jump on top of the far right tollgate that sticks up in the air in the Hub world!


Release Date: 2022/09/10

Update Features

-Changed color of Checkpoint text to Green Checkpoint Text.

-Replaced SB’s Spinning sound effect to the IGN sound. (by request)

-Edited SB’s Bubble spin animation to where he is slightly tilted back when he spins (Thank you so much @RedBerd36!!)

-Added Beta Basic Black Bungee Textbox (Thanks @JustOlaia!)

-Added Wind Up Teeth above NPC's and signs.

-Added Larry back in jf02 with dialogue!

-Recreated Beta Shiny Objects

-Replaced foot Pressure plate texture with ‘STEP ON THIS’ texture

-Added Beta PS2 Demo Video for when idle in the title screen.

-Stretched SpongeBob SteelBot’s hand nodes to match beta screenshots.

-Replaced SpongeBob SteelBot’s taunt with beta ANIM.

-Implemented Beta Krusty Krab with no flags (Thank you @JustOlaia!)

-Added Sandy's unused push-up animation to her .ATBL

-Added IGN lighting to more levels.

-Added Beta Smoke to BOOT.HIP.

-Added Beta text boxes for when entering a new area.

-Added Beta King Jellyfish Peanut Butter Health Meter.

-Added Sand Mountain Exit sign to all levels in Sand Mountain and the HUB.

-Fixed broken spatula in Patrick's Dream, it now shows as collected when you go back through and re-collect it.

-Removed Extra Sock in Patrick's Dream, making the sock count from 6/5 to 5/5

-Added more Checkpoints to Patrick’s Dream.

-Replaced HUD underwear with a darker texture

-Replaced Purple Shiny Flower with beta Shiny Object Model

-Added missing morning skybox to HB00 (beginning cutscene)


Release Date: 2022/08/08

Update Features

-All levels in Kelp Forest are now Daytime (Thanks Koopa Eliminator!)

-An Update to Patrick’s Dream. (Now has cameras for Ms. Puff’s Dialogue)

-Squidward’s model now includes his clarinet!

-You’re Nice and War Blowers are now the placeholder music for JF, HB, SM, B2, GL, BC, and GY heard in Beta Footage

-Removed all destruction and added Early IGN lighting to SB’S house (Thanks MinecraftFreak!)

-Jellyfish Fields 01 has a hidden E3 Demo feature for Patrick’s Freezy Fruit, Which has now been moved to the area where the Freezy Fruit is located.

-Added missing ‘STOP’ tollgate to Prawn Fight in MM

-Golden Spatula collect sound is now replaced with the generic check sound in Beta

-Goo Lagoon now has Blue Thunder Tikis just like the IGN Footage (I promise I’ll stop saying IGN lol)

-Scaled down the Green Arrow pointer a tiny bit

-Improved Sound Effects

-Updated Beta Boss Health Meters to actually match the screenshots

-SpongeBob’s model is replaced with the very early model where he is neutral, and doesn’t smile fully.


Release Date: 2022/07/26

Update Features

-Fixed wonky textures in Goo Lagoon 01

-Added unused Girl Beach Fish in GL01 near the Sand Castle Contest

-Fixed broken text boxes for Patrick and Sandy in Goo Lagoon, Rock Bottom, and JellyFish Fields 01 and 03

-Added Mrs. Puffs unused text line in Patrick’s Dream. (for some odd reason, in Patricks Dream the Spatula will not be shown as collected in the pause menu, it's still a working Spatula, so you will still get all 8 spatulas in the dream sequence.


Release Date: 2022/07/21

Update Features

-added missing beta thunder tikis in Sandy’s treedome

-Added unused looping music for JellyFish Fields

-Added Unused Alternate Mix in Kelp Forest

-Download link is now google drive! You can still use GameBanana, I will provide updates there too.

-Fixed some bugs


Release Date: 2022/07/15

Update Features

-I moved SB’s chair in HB02 slightly farther away from where he spawns so the Sundae is not immediately collected when booting the game for the first time.

-Beta Shiny Object texture in HUD replaced with the Purple one in IGN footage

-Changed Poseidome save icon to Beta from PS2 Demo Disc

-Changed Poseidome scoreboard to beta Blue Scoreboard

-Added missing beta content for Goo Lagoon Pier and Jellyfish Fields

-Download link for Beta mod is now Google Drive (You can still use gamebanana, I will provide updates there too.)

-Fixed some bugs


Release Date: 2022/07/11

Update Features