AR & Gecko Codes/BFBB NTSC

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AR Codes

Name Code Description
Skip Main Menu
043CABB4 00000000
Skips the Main Menu on boot and loads straight into the first level, similar to setting ShowMenuOnBoot = 0 in sb.ini.


  • Using this code will cause all loading screens to be invisible.
    • This also occurs with ShowMenuOnBoot = 0. No workaround is known at the moment.
  • Quitting the game will not return you to the Main Menu, and will instead reload the first level.
    • This does not occur with ShowMenuOnBoot = 0.
Warp Anywhere
040BC1C8 38000001
040BC258 38000001
040BC300 38000001
Allows you to warp to any spatula from the pause menu regardless of being unlocked or not.
Moonjump (z)
0A292620 00000010
423C0C80 006C4130
043CB47F 00000000
Hold Z to "moonjump" (infinite jump)
Moonjump (a+b)
0A292620 00000300
423C0C80 006C4100
Hold A and B to "moonjump" (infinite jump)
Fly (z toggle)
043CB47F 00000000
BC38C9C4 00100000
4C3C2054 00000001
043C2054 00000000
00000000 00000000
043C2054 00000001
00000000 00000000
Press Z to toggle on/off the debug fly cheat.


  • Y - go up
  • X - go down
  • Left stick - move around
  • L/R - move faster (also allows you to noclip)

Note: warping or dying resets the fly cheat. You may need to press Z twice to turn it back on again.

Disable Hans
04297e48 00000000
Prevents the player from being grabbed by Hans. Useful for exploring normally inaccessible/out-of-bounds areas.
Bubble Bowl Power
04069144 38000001
Unlocks the Bubble Bowl.
Cruise Bubble Power
04057DBC 38000001
Unlocks the Cruise Bubble.
Lock Cruise Bubble Pitch
04057488 4E800020
Cruise Bubble will stay at the lowest pitch; steering does not increase the pitch.
Skip Copyright Screen
040A2704 60000000
Skips the copyright screen that normally shows on boot.
Skip Intro Videos
040a61a4 38600002
Skips the Nick Games, THQ, and RenderWare FMVs that normally play on boot. Note: the Skip Main Menu AR code also skips these videos.
Instant Cutscene/Flythrough Skips
043cabb8 00000000
043cabbc 00000000
Allows you to skip cutscenes and flythroughs immediately instead of having to wait 1 second.
No Cutscene Black Bars
003ca988 00000000
Hides the black bars/letterboxing that normally appear during cutscenes and lack of player control.
Switch Characters (L+DPAD)
0a292620 00000041
003cb663 00000000
0a292620 00000048
003cb663 00000001
0a292620 00000042
003cb663 00000002
Hold L and press a directional button to instantly switch characters:
  • L + Dpad Left - SpongeBob
  • L + Dpad Up - Patrick
  • L + Dpad Right - Sandy


  • If you try to switch to a character in a level where that character does not exist (e.g. Sandy in Jellyfish Fields), you'll switch to SpongeBob instead.
  • L is the button for Cruise Bubble, so if you have it unlocked, the switch will be delayed until you are done using the Cruise Bubble.
Skip Spatula Animations
040634F8 60000000
0406363C 60000000
04076A38 60000000
04076A4C 60000000
040640A0 60000000
Skips the celebration animation when collecting a spatula. Mainly useful for avoiding softlocks with Randomizer mods when a spatula is on a slide or above an abyss.
L+R+Z to Reload Area
4A292620 00000070
023C1C0B 00000000
Press L+R+Z to instantly respawn. Also useful when playing Randomizer mods.
Cruise Bubble 2.0
042DBAC4 3F800000
042DBA94 44160000
042DBAE0 4F000000
042DBAD0 41200000
042DBAD4 41000000
4A292620 00000100
042DBABC 40C00000
042DBAC0 41400000
4A292620 00000200
042DBABC C0C00000
042DBAC0 C1400000
4A292620 00000900
042DBABC 41C00000
042DBAC0 42100000
4A292620 00000000
042DBABC C1400000
042DBAC0 00000000
Gives you a 600 second Cruise Bubble with fully manipulable speed. Can be useful as a freecam.


  • A - Forward
  • B - Backwards
  • Y - Turbo
Don't Take Damage
040765D4 60000000
Never lose health. (You can still drown.) Same as setting G.TakeDamage = 0 in sb.ini.
Always Cruise Boosting
043C1F40 40A00000
043C2044 00000001
Locks IsBubbleBowling to true so you're always in "cruise boost" state, a speedrunning exploit that lets you move faster than normal. Starting speed is 5.0, using the Bubble Bowl will change the speed.
Disable Force Conversation
041305D8 38600001
Disables the Force Conversation event which makes you automatically talk to NPCs. Same as setting G.DisableForceConversation = 1 in sb.ini.
Disable Screen Fading
0404196C 4E800020
040419CC 4E800020
Disables the screen fade-in and fade-out effect that occurs when loading a level and dying. Can be useful for debugging.
Enable Camera Zoom in All Levels
04051208 540007fe
Allows you to zoom in/out the camera in all levels, including the indoor Bikini Bottom levels where you normally are locked to the zoomed-in camera.
Disable Camera Collision
043ca908 00000000
Disables camera collision, allowing you to clip the camera through walls and objects. Can be useful for debugging.
Infinite Shiny Objects
043C2058 0001869F
Gives you max shiny objects (99999) which can never be taken away.
Underwear Disabled
040641CC 4800000C
Prevents you from collecting any underwear. Useful for challenge runs.
Enemies Deactivated
043C1C60 41000000
Most enemies will not attack you. You will also not take damage.

Note: The game will softlock if you drown.

TODO: Make a less buggy version.

Low Gravity
043C0E7C 40F00000
Low gravity. Same as setting G.Gravity = 7.5 in sb.ini.
Infinite Fruit Life
Throw fruits and freezy fruits will never decay.
Low Throw Gravity
043C1DAC 41480000
Low gravity for thrown objects (throw fruit, freezy fruit, tikis, enemies). Same as setting Carry.ThrowGravity = 12.5 in sb.ini.
0.25 Speed
043C0C1C 00000001
Runs the game at 25% speed (still 60 FPS). Useful for debugging things like animations and physics.
No Terminal Velocity
04019E24 C0428228
Disables terminal velocity, allowing the player and other entities to fall faster over time with no speed cap.
Keep Cruise Boost through Bus Stops
04070454 60000000
040704A4 60000000
Allows you to transfer your "cruise boost" to other characters when switching at Bus Stops.
Custom Loading Screen Texture
Set a custom background texture for the loading screen. Replace XXXXXXXX with any RWTX Asset ID.
Blue Box Fix
043cd04c 00000000
Fix the "blue box" that appears in the top-left corner when running at a higher than native resolution.


  • Vertex Rounding must be enabled in Dolphin graphics settings.
  • This code is no longer needed in Dolphin 5.0-14810 or higher.
Infinite Sandy Hover
043C1DF0 40A00000
Allows Sandy to hover infinitely with her lasso.
No Shiny Objects from enemies/tikis
040f9480 60000000
040ecfec 60000000
0412a67c 60000000
Prevents enemies/tikis from giving you shiny objects. Useful for challenge runs.
Always Spongeball
003cb637 00000001
003cb69f 00000001
Forces SpongeBob to always turn into the SpongeBall. Useful for challenge runs.
Always Sliding
883c204f 00000000
08292622 00000000
90292623 00000000
003c22a7 00000003
003cb69f 00000001
00000000 863c246c
803bef30 00000004
00000000 863c2474
803bef10 00000004
Treats all ground as slide surfaces. The player will always be sliding unless you let go of the stick. Useful for challenge runs.
Custom Tubelet Colors
0429b9a0 RRGGBBff
0429b9a4 RRGGBBff
0429b9a8 RRGGBBff
0429b9ac RRGGBBff
0429b9b0 RRGGBBff
0429b9b4 RRGGBBff
0429b9b8 RRGGBBff
0429b9bc RRGGBBff
0429b9c0 RRGGBBff
0429b9c4 RRGGBBff
Set custom Tubelet flame colors. Replace RRGGBB with the RGB hex codes of the colors.
Custom Shiny Object Values
043c0de0 PPPPPPPP
043c0de4 BBBBBBBB
043c0de8 GGGGGGGG
043c0dec YYYYYYYY
043c0df0 RRRRRRRR
04099b30 4800b6d0
Set custom Shiny Object values. Replace the following values with shiny object values in hexadecimal:
  • PPPPPPPP - Purple (originally 50)
  • BBBBBBBB - Blue (originally 10)
  • GGGGGGGG - Green (originally 5)
  • YYYYYYYY - Yellow (originally 2)
  • RRRRRRRR - Red (originally 1)
Taking Damage Crashes The Game
04076430 48000000
04069508 48000000
Taking damage or touching goo causes the game to crash. Useful for challenge runs.
Infinite World Bounding Box
04071ed0 60000000
Hans will not grab you if you go outside the usual limits of (-1000, -1000, -1000) to (1000, 1000, 1000). Could be useful for large level mods.
Render Invisible RpAtomics
040c315c 60000000
Forces all RpAtomics to render regardless of their rpATOMICRENDER flag. Useful for debugging.
Goo Stays Frozen Forever
040935a0 60000000
Goo, when frozen by Freezy Fruit, will stay frozen.
Bus Stop Softlock Fix
0412da00 801f0024
0412da04 28000002
0412da08 40800024
0412da0c ec2208ba
0412da10 fc010040
0412da14 40800010
Fixes a softlock that could occur in the original game when the player uses a Bus Stop and gets positioned too far away from it.
Enable xprintf
04017d3c 481bb1c8
Reimplements a debug function called xprintf which is called often by the game to send debugging messages. You can see the output in Dolphin's Log window.
Invisible Player
043c1c04 00000000
Makes the player invisible. Useful for challenge runs.

Note: the player will temporarily become visible while using the Cruise Bubble and being grabbed by Hans.

Invisible JSPs
040c3128 4e800020
Disables JSP rendering. Useful for debugging (and also for challenge runs).
Always Clear Camera
040c0314 3884065c
040c0318 38a00003
Forces the camera to always clear, even if there's no fog (in which case the background color will be black). This prevents the trail effect that occurs when looking out-of-bounds in a level with no fog.
1 Health Max
043c1c90 00000001
The player will only have 1 underwear. Golden Underwear does nothing. Useful for challenge runs.
No Shiny Limit
04065d30 60000000
0406378c 60000000
0409a070 48000020
04065CE0 60000000
04067F9C 60000000
04076AD4 60000000
04063C70 60000000
Allows you to collect more than 99,999 shiny objects. Also allows you to enter the 1,000 shiny object cheat past 50,000 shiny objects.
Infinite Spin Stalling
043cb5c8 00000000
Dampens your velocity every time you Bubble Spin or Karate Kick in midair consecutively, instead of only the first time. Can be used to gain extra air time.
Floaty Bubble Spin
04082348 60000000
Locks your Y velocity to 0 when Bubble Spinning or Karate Kicking. Can be used to gain an insane amount of air time, especially when combined with Infinite Spin Stalling.
Disable Goo
04123794 4e800020
Disables the Set as Goo event, meaning all entities with this event will just be normal entities. This also means you can be Jesus and walk on goo.
Undampened Bowling Turn Speed
040672c8 60000000
Removes the dampening used when turning while bowling, allowing free range of movement (try with Always Cruise Boosting code).
Enable Unused Glare FX
043cb390 00000001
Enables a visual effect for Glare on the screen that is not used in the final game.
Stereo Sound Fix
043ce1a0 c2800000
Fixes the inverted stereo panning on the GC version of the game (sounds on the right would play on the left for speakers/headphones).
Infinite Draw Distance
040a1f5c 4e800020
Disables LOD for draw distance of assets.
Change Boot Level
Main Menu: 043c0b90 4d4e5533
SpongeBall Arena: 043c0b90 50473132

Bikini Bottom
- Intro Cutscene: 043c0b90 48423030
- Hub World: 043c0b90 48423031
- SpongeBob's Pineapple: 043c0b90 48423032
- Squidward's Tiki: 043c0b90 48423033
- Patrick's Rock: 043c0b90 48423034
- Sandy's Treedome: 043c0b90 48423035
- Shady Shoals: 043c0b90 48423036
- Krusty Krab: 043c0b90 48423037
- Chum Bucket: 043c0b90 48423038
- Police Station: 043c0b90 48423039
- Theater: 043c0b90 48423130

Jellyfish Fields
- Jellyfish Rock: 043c0b90 4a463031
- Jellyfish Caves: 043c0b90 4a463032
- Jellyfish Lake: 043c0b90 4a463033
- Spork Mountain: 043c0b90 4a463034

Downtown Bikini Bottom
- Streets: 043c0b90 42423031
- Rooftops: 043c0b90 42423032
- Lighthouse: 043c0b90 42423033
- Sea Needle: 043c0b90 42423034

Goo Lagoon
- Beach: 043c0b90 474c3031
- Sea Caves: 043c0b90 474c3032
- Pier: 043c0b90 474c3033

Poseidome: 043c0b90 42313031

Rock Bottom
- Downtown: 043c0b90 52423031
- Museum: 043c0b90 52423032
- Trench of Advanced Darkness: 043c0b90 52423033

- Lobby: 043c0b90 42433031
- Main Chamber: 043c0b90 42433032
- Security Tunnel: 043c0b90 42433033
- Rolling Ball Area: 043c0b90 42433034
- Villain Containment Area: 043c0b90 42433035

Sand Mountain
- Ski Lodge: 043c0b90 534d3031
- Guppy Mound: 043c0b90 534d3032
- Flounder Hill: 043c0b90 534d3033
- Sand Mountain: 043c0b90 534d3034

Industrial Park: 043c0b90 42323031

Kelp Forest
- Kelp Forest: 043c0b90 4b463031
- Kelp Swamp: 043c0b90 4b463032
- Kelp Caves: 043c0b90 4b463034
- Kelp Vines: 043c0b90 4b463035

Flying Dutchman's Graveyard
- Graveyard Lake: 043c0b90 47593031
- Graveyard of Ships: 043c0b90 47593032
- Dutchman's Ship: 043c0b90 47593033
- Flying Dutchman Battle: 043c0b90 47593034

SpongeBob's Dream 
- SpongeBob's Dream: 043c0b90 44423031
- Sandy's Dream: 043c0b90 44423032
- Squidward's Dream: 043c0b90 44423033
- Mr. Krabs' Dream: 043c0b90 44423034
- UNUSED Patrick's Dream: 043c0b90 44423035
- Patrick's Dream: 043c0b90 44423036

Chum Bucket Lab
- UNUSED Muscle-Bob Fight: 043c0b90 42333031
- Kah-Rah-Tae: 043c0b90 42333032
- The Small Shall Rule: 043c0b90 42333033
Set a custom BOOT level (the first level you load into when creating a new game, default is Intro Cutscene). Same as setting BOOT in sb.ini.

Gecko Codes

Name Code Description
16:9 Aspect Ratio
043d07e0 3f400000
043d07e4 3f800000
043d07e8 3f800000
043d07f0 80134030
043d07f8 41000000
c2134024 00000003
3c808032 38600003
38844258 38a00006
60000000 00000000
04134028 48000005
c213402c 00000002
7e2802a6 3a310008
7e2803a6 00000000
c2134030 00000013
c222be60 c262be64
fe409890 ee529024
fc119800 41800010
ee319824 ee528824
fe209890 c262be68
ee3104f2 ee5204f2
8a22be6c 2c110001
40820020 8a22be74
2c110001 41820014
ee318824 ee529024
3a200000 9a22be6c
8a22be74 2c110001
4182002c 3e20802b
d2317dd0 fe208850
d2317dbc d2517dc4
c262bddc ee73982a
ee5204f2 fe409050
d242bdb4 4e800020
60000000 00000000
c213403c 00000004
3a200001 9a22be6c
8222be70 7e2903a6
4e800421 e3e10058
60000000 00000000
c20209ac 00000002
3883e178 38600003
60000000 00000000
040209b0 48113681
c20209b8 00000004
7c000278 3a200001
9a22be6c 8222be70
7e2903a6 4e800421
60000000 00000000
c2020a84 00000002
3884e178 38a00078
60000000 00000000
04020a88 481135a9
c2020a90 00000004
7c000278 3a200001
9a22be6c 8222be70
7e2903a6 4e800421
60000000 00000000
c20bab60 00000002
38600003 38e00006
60000000 00000000
040bab64 480794cd
c20bacfc 00000004
3a200001 9a22be6c
8222be70 7e2903a6
4e800421 e3e100f8
60000000 00000000
c20c3ca4 00000002
c0c29710 3a200001
9a22be74 00000000
c21d0ab4 00000008
ed090024 8a22be74
2c110001 4082002c
c222be60 fe404890
fc114800 4180000c
fe408890 fe204890
ed089024 ed4a0472
3a200000 9a22be74
60000000 00000000
c2245d4c 00000007
3a200001 9a22be74
8222be70 7e2903a6
4e800421 3a200000
9a22be74 ec0004b2
d003000c c0030004
ec000472 d0030004
60000000 00000000
042363f0 c082be78
0423642c c022be78
c209913c 00000003
d0a10068 8222be70
7e2903a6 4e800421
60000000 00000000
c2099168 00000004
3c608026 3a200001
9a22be6c 8222be70
7e2903a6 4e800421
60000000 00000000
043cd04c 00000000
Renders the game in 16:9 (widescreen).
Superior 16:9 Aspect Ratio
06003700 00000010
c0028c84 ec010032
d0010008 480bceb4
040c05bc 4bf43144
Renders the game in 16:9 (widescreen), but superior.
All Gates Free
C20526FC 00000002
38000000 90040008
80040010 00000000
Bypass all spatula and shiny object gates. TODO: make a better version, this one is flawed.
All Ents Visible (Ignores UI + UIFT)
c200e638 00000007
88030004 28000020
4182000c 28000021
4082001c 88030018
70000081 20000001
7c000034 5403de3e
48000008 38600001
60000000 00000000
0400e63c 4e800020
Makes all 3D entities visible. Useful for debugging or challenge runs.
All Ents Invisible (Ignores UI + UIFT)
c200e638 00000007
88030004 28000020
4182000c 28000021
4082001c 88030018
70000081 20000001
7c000034 5403de3e
48000008 38600000
60000000 00000000
0400e63c 4e800020
Makes all 3D entities invisible. Useful for debugging or challenge runs.
All SIMPs and PLATs Invisible (excluding Skydomes)
c200e638 0000000d
88030004 2800000b
4182000c 28000006
4082003c 88030005
38a00000 7c0903a6
2c000000 40810020
80830008 38050002
7c04022e 28000132
41820014 38a50020
4200ffec 38600000
48000018 88030018
70000081 20000001
7c000034 5403de3e
60000000 00000000
0400e63c 4e800020
Makes all non-skydome SIMPs and PLATs invisible. Useful for debugging or challenge runs.
Xbox UI Controls
041307bc 57e00319
041307dc 57e0039d
041338f4 5406039d
0413391c 540003da
040ba214 54000319
040ba244 5400039d
04113bf0 5400039d
04099d70 3c60fff4
04099db8 54c0031b
04099e44 5403031a
4a000000 8028f204
6000014f 00000000
30000000 00020000
14000000 00080000
e2000001 00000000
4a100000 00000004
62000000 00000000
Flips B and X buttons for UI (menus, textboxes, etc.) to match controls that Xbox would use
Patrick can Belly Bump In Midair
06003f19 000000e8
49646c65 30312053
6c697049 646c6530
3120496e 61637469
76653031 20496e61
63746976 65303220
57616c6b 30312057
616c6b30 32205761
6c6b3033 2052756e
30312052 756e3032
2052756e 30332052
756e4f75 744f6657
6f726c64 30312053
6c697052 756e3031
204a756d 70537461
72743031 2046616c
6c303120 46616c6c
48696768 30312044
4a756d70 53746172
74303120 426f756e
63655374 61727430
3120426f 756e6365
4c696674 30312042
6f756e63 65417065
78303120 5374756e
4c616e64 204c616e
64486967 68303120
4c616e64 30312053
74756e46 616c6c20
5374756e 4a756d70
06004218 00000008
004d656c 65653031
020878a2 00008000
020878aa 00000000
020878c2 00003f19
020878d2 00004219
Allows Patrick to perform his Belly Bump move in midair, in a similar fashion to Rehydrated.
Mirrored Mode
041cc438 48000024
C2245D44 00000002
C0230044 EC000072
D0030004 00000000
C2097E98 00000005
3CA08039 88C5C9CC
7CC600D0 98C5C9CC
88C5C9CE 7CC600D0
98C5C9CE C02D8EB8
60000000 00000000
C20B4720 00000003
3C60802C 3C803F80
908381A0 38600013
60000000 00000000
C2036474 00000003
3CE0802C 3C00BF80
900781A0 4E800020
60000000 00000000
Mirrors the visual display to act as a "mirror mode".

Dpad, Bungee, and Cruise Bubble controls are inverted on X-axis.

If all save slots are full, press A if there's a black screen when starting the game.