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Randomizer tool window

This is a guide on using Industrial Park's Randomizer tool to create a randomized mod for the game.

The randomizer works on all versions (GameCube, Xbox, PS2) of Battle for Bikini Bottom, Scooby-Doo: Night of 100 Frights and Movie Game as long as you can obtain the game's extracted files from a disc image (and then repack them back into an image after applying the mod, if necessary).

Notes: The randomizer works best on the GameCube version of the games; some functions appear not to work on the other platforms. The tool has not been optimized/prepared for The Incredibles games (you can try it in them using the Movie setting but you'll likely get lots of crashes and softlocks).


  1. Have your game's extracted files in a folder (you can see this page or this video for a guide on doing this with Dolphin and a GameCube ISO).
  2. Launch the Randomizer tool (you'll see it in the Industrial Park download).
  3. Click on Choose Game Directory button under the Game Directory menu and select your game's root (the files folder), or Choose Single File if you only want to apply the randomizer to a single HIP/HOP file.
  4. You can also click on Choose Backup Directory to choose a folder with a copy of the game's files to use as backup. If you do this, the randomizer will load the files from the backup, but still save them over the files you chose on the previous set.
  5. Choose the game you are applying the randomizer for from the box.
  6. A default set of randomizer functions and settings is already preset. You can click Perform to start the randomizer. Applying the mod can take a few seconds and the tool might hang for a bit. If you're doing this on Scooby, a dialog will ask you which platform you're editing (GameCube, PS2 or Xbox) since the tool can't guess for that game.
  7. You can edit a few of the settings to customize your randomized mod. You can see the description for each method in the box at the bottom.

Alternatively, you can use either this tutorial or this slightly older one to follow through all the steps.

If you need to rebuild the image afterwards, you can follow this tutorial for GameCube. There are methods of rebuilding the image for Xbox and PS2 as well.

Note that running the randomizer more than once on the same files will cause the modifications to stack on top of each other. You should always start from clean files when running it; the randomizer allows you to choose a backup folder to automatically get files from when randomizing.

If you need any help or have questions about the Randomizer, feel free to join the Modding Discord server from the link on the sidebar External Links area.

AR Codes

Here are some useful AR Codes to help reduce softlocks:

Effect Code
Skip Spatula Animations
040634F8 60000000
0406363C 60000000
04076A38 60000000
04076A4C 60000000
040640A0 60000000
L+R+Z to reload area
4A292620 00000070
023C1C0B 00000000

Settings File

In the Settings File menu, you can load and save a JSON file containing all of the randomizer's settings. The same settings file, applied to the same set of original game files, will result in the same randomized game, so you can share a settings file with others instead of needing to share the entire game. The following is saved to the settings file:

  • Seed
  • Checked methods
  • All additional settings

Game Directory

  • Choose Backup Directory: allows you to choose a backup files directory.
  • Use Backup Directory: if this is checked, when applying the randomizer, all files will be loaded from the backup but will overwrite in your selected game directory. The backup files will be left untouched If this is unchecked, the randomizer will be applied directly to the game files you choose.
  • Choose Game Directory: chooses the directory with the files that will be randomized. The randomizer will be applied directly to these files if Use Backup Directory is unchecked.
  • Choose Single File: chooses one single file to apply the randomizer to.


You can type a number in the seed box to use as a seed or generate one from anything you type. Note that using the same seed won't result in the exact same randomized game; some things might be similar, but all settings which are checked or not, plus the additional settings on the box to the right, will have an influence on the result (sharing the settings files is preferable over sharing just seeds if you're going to play the same game with someone else).