Remy's Ravenous Romp

From Heavy Iron Modding
Remy's Ravenous Romp
Latest version1.0
GameRatatouille (Jan 18, 2006 prototype)
ReleaseSeptember 9, 2023

Remy's Ravenous Romp is a custom level mod for the Ratatouille prototype (Jan 18, 2006). It was created by Pepperpot for Heavy Iron Modding's parkour modding challenge.


Help Remy escape by collecting all of the cheese. Try not to look down!


The mod is tested to be compatible with the prototype on Dolphin; the emulated memory size override must be set to 33 MB for MEM1 otherwise an error will show when loading into the game. This can be done in Configuration > Advanced.

Known Issues

  • It is possible for Remy to get stuck inside moving objects. Use L + Z to enter/exit the debug fly mode if you get stuck.


Download Latest Version: Download (19.3 MB)

1.0 (2023-09-09)

  • Initial release for Modding challenge